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Koala (2020)
by Zoologist Perfumes


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Year of Launch2020
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseZoologist Perfumes
PerfumerSpyros Drosopoulos

About Koala

The company says: 

A cloak of rich green velvet sweeps across the Australian horizon, the majestic eucalypt forest flattering every curve of the undulating landscape. Tucked high in the crook of a tree, the koala is oblivious to the mesmerizing views. It would rather curl into a ball and sleep off a feast of oily eucalyptus, the aromatic leaves that sustain it. Despite their sleepy demeanour and friendly expression, koalas are territorial creatures. Males mark the soaring trunks with their musk, establishing their dominance.

Koala fragrance notes

Reviews of Koala

Last Christmas, my sister, who is a zookeeper, was talking about the strange smell of koalas, a mix of sweet musk and the eucalyptus they live in and constantly eat. I was a bit obsessed with the idea of a koala perfume and wrote about it in a perfume group, where a member jokingly reached out to Zoologist about it.

Half a year later, Koala appeared. Of course, I don't REALLY think my story inspired this perfume (no one from Zoologist ever wrote back or acknowledged it), but it still makes me feel like this is somehow "personal" so I have a special fondness for it...

So what does it smell like? 1/3 lemony greens and 2/3 wet mammal fur.

This is animalic in a way I honestly haven't smelled in a perfume before, like a big dog that's clean but still smells like dog. It's like someone took the animalic sweetness of honey but chemically subtracted out the actual edible honey smell.

There's also a sharp lemony green component - I smell mostly verbena and that mix of bay leaf and clary sage that's sometimes used to simulate eucalyptus.

In all, it's a little gross but compelling, and I appreciate that it's a whole new way of doing musk that I haven't experienced before. Because of that, as well as my (questionable) personal connection, of course I'm voting thumbs up!

PS - I sent a bottle to my sister, who has confirmed that it does have a bit of koala smell and shared it with the koala keepers at her zoo, so this is officially making the rounds...
03rd October, 2020
Smells fresh. Literally smells like dryer sheet freshener. Clean Musk perhaps, with the dryer sheet vibe for sure. Thereís the whisper of a eucalyptus note thatís blended way back in the mix. Not a bad smell, but so far itís not inspiring me to invest in a bottle of Koala.
14th September, 2020
What I was hoping for was the sharpened astringent of eucalyptus or citrus and honey-menthol laden pastilles. The promise of greenery and a languorous walk through a eucalyptus grove. Wanting for the crunch of leaves and dirt beneath my feet, and the breezy aroma of verdancy. Searching for dampened animal pelt soaked with solar warmth from the amber, sandalwood and creamy vanilla-sunlight glinting between the branches, and rich earthy mists of black tea.

Sadly, on my body, it was a clingy scrubber that while definitely unisex, pulled strongly to the masculine. Itís more like cruising a tract house lined street with the window down-eucalyptus trees in the median, sipping on a vanilla chai latte, catching whispers of car air freshener and the lingering scent of incense pouring out of a parish after mass. Although I did get hints of musk, it was more of a snuggly hug than an animalic befitting the Koala. It pulled cloyingly boozy with a touch of sweetened gourmand, and something slightly soapy in the sillage. While none of that is necessarily bad, that drive through the burbs does sound relaxing, this fragrance was a let down for me. A classic case of expectation vs. reality.

Eucalyptus is a hard note to balance. I want the nose to pull Eucalyptus-real leaves, bark, and tree branches. Unfortunately, most Eucalyptus fragrances Iíve experienced smell of B&BW Eucalyptus Spearmint-an overly strong, fake plant, masculine cologne scent. It could be the chemical reaction that happens when it is combined with mints and menthol. Iím not sure, but it is not pleasing, to me.

Given that scent is personal and often recalls memory, I guess what Iím looking for is the scent of fresh, astringent, somewhat medicinal trees of my childhood. Running through the neighborhood only to stumble upon a small ďforestĒ of smelly goodness. Singing, resting, and using my imagination under the cloak of their cooling shade. A coastal breeze gently brushing my overheated skin. Thatís what Iím looking for. And thatís what I get when I smell real trees and unmixed essential oils. Too bad those volatile oils burn off so quickly.

I want to love this fragrance. The notes and scent story won me over. The reviews were promising. I know this fragrance will work for many people, but unfortunately, it was a no go for me.
08th September, 2020
Non-medicinal eucalyptus; I mean, it's there but, made more flowery-aromatic with the addition of mimosa. Bright and fresh, like a breeze. Nicely blended notes, deviously disguised. Greens blend with florals. Incense and spices sit close to the skin.

Middle layer flows effortlessly into the base. Still aromatic with bits of sweetness, greenish woods. It's like standing under a tall canopy of trees, on a humid day, with a full-on breeze; musty, earth notes, rising up. Easy to wear. Very pleasant.
01st September, 2020

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