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Toy Boy (2019)
by Moschino


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Year of Launch2019
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerYann Vasnier
Parent CompanyEuroitalia

About Toy Boy

Toy Boy is a masculine fragrance by Moschino. The scent was launched in 2019 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Yann Vasnier

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Reviews of Toy Boy

Moschino Toy Boy (2019) comes as no surprise from a house that has been pushing the absurdist anti-luxury parody agenda since the late Franco Moschino was sewing patches shaped like fried eggs onto his jeans and calling it high fashion. Anyone who has gone through the brand's perfume catalog can see this, from adding extra necks to bottles, question marks on the end of fragrances made for men, or housing fragrance in everything from Teddy bears to Windex bottles, it's clear Moschino goes to great length to buck the pretensions of conspicuous consumption. However, for all of it's Versace by way of Weird Al Yankovic, Moschino usually end up making quality but mostly conventional fragrances once you get past the packaging and sometimes unusual openings of the fragrances themselves. Toy Boy may be the first true exception to that, as there is nothing really conventional about its combination of anachronistic dandy design laid over top of brand new Givaudan captive aromachemical base notes. Toy Boy is high-tech bleeding-edge perfume materials shaped into a lich that is a mid-80's musky dandy floral masculines risen from the grave and grafted to some cybernetics, housed in a phylactery shaped like a teddy bear. Toy Boy is going to be a head scratcher for a lot of people, but I think that's what Moschino is trying to do, taking a "go for broke" strategy on its usual anti-establishment chic business strategy. Or put another way, this stuff is the second coming of Eyvan's The Baron (1961), trading in puffy lace poet shirts and renaissance hosiery for crop tops and daisy dukes.

The opening of Toy Boy hits with pink pepper, a dry bergamot and violet leaf mix, sweetened with a bit of fruity floral countenance one does not expect in a man's fragrance. The violet keeps it masculine enough not to raise eyebrows, adding freshness to the pink pepper, with wisps of subtle nutmeg coming in, and the sweet fruity floral feel coming from what is anyone's guess. Some people have pegged this as ethyl maltol, others are saying galaxolide, but it's subtle and not a shower gel bomb like something such as Paco Rabanne Invictus (2013) or your typical sweet Bath & Body Works mist. Rose moves into the equation, and things settle into a traditional dandy mode fans of 80's masculines will recognize, mixing this fresh dry masculine rose with a carnation/clove note supplied by eugenol that will remind older enthusiasts of Caron The Third Man (1985) minus the lavender or Lauder for Men (1985) minus the galbanum. The carnation is what'll "date" this scent the most, but it's mixed in with fuzzy cashmeran, some nutty vetiver, and two newbies: ambermax and sylkolide. Ambermax is a combo amber/musk aromachemical that feels a bit powdery and clean, often used in fabric soaps like laundry detergent. Sylkolide on the other hand is like a modernized highly dialed-back version of the skanky ambers that were used in Balenciaga pour Homme (1990), giving the dandy musk finish needed to seal the deal, adding Iso E Super for a late-stage cedar glow. Wear time is 8+ hours and performance is above the standard line, so be careful with sprays on this one. Best use is probably at your discretion because this stuff fits in absolutely nowhere outside the company of tolerant friends, but at least is versatile enough weather-wise to be used year-round.

Since Toy Boy comes on masculine, then slips in some feminine features, then pairs them in a waltz where both clean powdery musks and ambery animalic ones do battle on a dance floor made of warm cashmeran and bright Iso E Super woods, the average mainstream masculine nose will long have given up and scrubbed it off. However, the open-minded sort that enjoys modern takes on antique styles a la Tom Ford's Beau de Jour (2020) or even dry masculine roses like Cartier Déclaration d'Un Soir (2012) will see value in Toy Boy as a unique and flirtatious head-turning addition to their wardrobe. This is especially true if you're working in baby steps backwards to more challenging and statement-making fragrances, so if you're not ready to go all the way with Guerlain Jicky (1889) or Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme (1978), something like Toy Boy can give you a taste of what that's like before you end up nose-deep in "real" animalics like civet or castoreum notes in your perfume. Of course, in the grand fashion of all fragrances that buck trend or gender conventions so adamantly as this, Toy Boy may not be long for this world, especially with the way Moschino fragrances tend to drop then disappear when nobody really buys them, meaning you shouldn't kick your feet on sampling this if you're curious. I like Moschino Toy Boy, irreverent teddy bear bottle and all, but it won't scratch the itch accurately enough for vintage purists kneeling at their mashed potato altars erected in praise of some dead fragrance house, nor really be understood by the "Fragrance Army" types, so I'm not sure if Moschino went too far in just being themselves, if such a thing is possible. Thumbs up.
21st October, 2020 (last edited: 22nd October, 2020)
Strong rose in the opening and dry down. Great projection. Could be unisex. Not a particularly dirty rose, but there are some dark notes mixed with the rose note that it does come off a bit like Rose 31 or Declaration dun Soir.

I’m really impressed with the performance. It projected all workday and can still smell it 12+ hours later.
20th October, 2020

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