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Y Eau Fraîche (2020)
by Yves Saint Laurent


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Year of Launch2020
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseYves Saint Laurent
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > YSL Beaute

About Y Eau Fraîche

Y Eau Fraîche is a masculine fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent. The scent was launched in 2020

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Reviews of Y Eau Fraîche

Yves Saint Laurent as a perfume house has become increasingly banal in it's commercialization over the years thanks to L'Oréal retiring almost all that was good or unique about the brand, beyond a few iconic scents such as Opium (1977) or Kouros (1981), and then padding out the main lines with flanker after inane flanker that cashed in on whatever was trending or deemed a safe mass-appealing accord which could quickly rake in millions but be made for cost. On the men's side of the counter, the L'Homme (2006) range has been the focus of this exploitation of perfume tropes that feel almost of near-AI design, but the male market iteration Y by Yves Saint Laurent (1964) released a whopping 53 years later as simply Y (2017) has been gaining ground on it. I've been critical of the line because the debut entry smelled like it was spat out by a machine fed market data, but perfumer Dominique Ropion breathed a bit of Humanity into the structure with Y Eau de Parfum (2018) the following year, which now sells at a premium above the original purely on the greed of L'Oréal seeing that people would rather buy that version if they were sold at identical prices like they initially were. Y Live (2019) came out afterward and remained mostly Europe-only, as a sort of clubber's take on the salty ocean-fresh ambergris "blue scent" of the original, but rides too close to the EdP (and sells for the price of the EdT) to be a tenable option abroad where it would cannibalize EdP sales, and it really smelled like a flunked version of the EdP anyway. Now here comes Y Eau Fraîche (2020) to offer a warmer-weather option, making a Y for all seasons if you happen to love the line that much.

For me, this one opens similarly enough to the original EdT to initially make me second guess my decision to spray it, but again has the smooth touches of the EdP brought over to the opening that quickly dispell that initial knee-jerk. This smoothness takes the form of ginger and pink pepper listed alongside lemon, but in practice it's the usual blue scent galaxolide/ethyl maltol mish-mash made popular ever since Invictus by Paco Rabanne (2013) became the next-level answer to the similar but more-subtle Gucci Guilty pour Homme (2011). The characteristic oceanic salty ambergris accord from Y is here to make the Eau Fraîche recognizable as part of the line rather than just another Invictus wannabe, but don't give up just yet. The heart does something a bit interesting with peppermint and juniper taking the place of the usual sage note that pears with geranium in the heart, also adding some smooth lavender to the mix, making this feel like the Y EdT we should have gotten rather than the monstrosity that was the original, but it devolves into ambroxan, Iso E Super, and norlimbanol before too long anyway, leaving you with effectively the same generic drydown as the EdT and literally dozens of blue things released in the precedeing decade. Y Eau Fraîche doesn't offend, but it does nothing to earn it's keep outside of that, with about 7 ish hours of wear time and projection that is serviceable year round, not just in the intended high heat. Smoother, cooler, and more casual than other members of the Y men's line, this flanker serves the intended purpose, but so will hundreds of things at the same price, many with arguably more character. Best use will be in summer or daytime use in active situations, as a dumb reach for outdoor activities or out of a shower, but that's a given.

The bottom line here is this is yet another take-it-or-leave-it entry into the Y line, which if nothing else, at least seems to nail the concept that flankers should contain a big chunk of the pillar's DNA so it feels like an alternative iteration rather than an entirely unrelated scent riding on the coattails of success like all fifty bazillion L'Homme flankers we've seen. Considering Yves Saint Laurent decided to actually bring this one over to the US not just leave it in duty-free shops tells me they think it doesn't have enough overlap with the other entries to cannibalize sales or be lost in the mix, which says they're shooting for the Y line overall to become their big male flagship scent line, like Yves Saint Laurent pour Homme (1971) was in the 70's and Kouros in the 80's, Jazz (1988) through the 90's, and so forth. I mean it could be worse right? At least the stuff feels wearable and isn't so generic that it literally releases only to go directly into discounters and be forgotten. I guess YSL still holds enough brand cachet despite it's continued watering-down at the hands of L'Oréal (who recently acquired Prada, Azzaro, and Mugler perfumes too), because it even has a prestige pseudo-niche Les Vestiares des Parfums line that occasionally gets a bit of noise, but does that mean one should just settle? For me, the answer is no because the memory of what YSL was is still fresh, and I'm too spoiled for choice, but you may see it differently. If so, that's okay, as Y Eau Fraîche is easy enough to sample and determine if a fresher/smoother but more-nondescript EdT experience has a home in your wardrobe, but for me it doesn't. Neutral.
27th October, 2020
Citrus-ginger top over the warm and powdery Y DNA. The original EDT is still too cloying for me but the EdP is nice and my wife really likes it, giving it an instant compliment. I don’t get that visceral response from this Fraiche version, although she does like it, I only get a response when I prompt her for one. So EdP is probably the best, with eau Fraiche coming in 2nd.

Projection is very good for the opening couple of hours but then settles down to just decent, which is great for work or other indoor/close-quarters situations.
26th October, 2020

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