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Musk Therapy (2021)
by Initio


Musk Therapy information

Year of Launch2021
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Musk Therapy

Musk Therapy is a shared / unisex perfume by Initio. The scent was launched in 2021

Reviews of Musk Therapy

Initio and PdM aren’t high interest houses for me. There’s just something about them coming on too strong as if their motto is no such thing as too much. Like a drunk guy at a party lunging at you, they can be an ungainly turn-off of sloppy force. Musk Therapy is strong yet in some way I appreciate its commitment to absolute white musk tinged with mandarin. Given my hesitance with PdM and Initio, it would be fair to say I was relieved there were no surprises. I was able to sample 8 ml for around $30 to see what it was about. For that size:price it’s decent and straightforward but not FBW for me. Musk Therapy is predictable, which could read as “reliably delivers” for people favorably disposed towards an unrelenting white musk.
12th August, 2021 (last edited: 13th August, 2021)
I like Musk Therapy, but wouldn't consider buying it because to me it is just not anything special enough for the price tag. I get a tart black currant note at the opening, but it's too short lived and quickly dissipates to white floral and musk. The dry-down is the longer body of the scent, and to me it's very designer-generic. I can see some women liking this more than men. Not for me though.
12th August, 2021
The good news about Initio Musk Therapy (2021) is that it doesn't have the super-powerful and super-irritating woody-amber materials that pervade both most of it and a good portion of the sister brand Parfums de Marly's fragrances. The bad news is, that this is yet again another attempt by a "luxury/niche" brand to repackage something once considered for the common folk, as something instead only for the elites. In a sort of reverse-democratization move, Initio has taken the floral musks of the 1990's and regurgitated them as a "musk therapy" only for the "betters" of our anti-social society. And before you shoot me down; yes, I know Creed and Xerjoff have done a number of these too, but at least they both take special care to use what most can perceive to be higher-quality and more lucid floral notes, on top of a more delicate blend of musks that smells like you're getting what you pay for if not in material cost, then in time/skill invested by the perfumer to blend them. Here with Initio Musk Therapy, we get something that is a three-way shuffle between Calvin Klein cK One (1994) and Jovan White Musk (1990), with bits and traces of HM by Hanae Mori (1997) and a who's-who of drugstore floral musks ranging from Coty, Prince Matchabelli, and Calgon to some things Avon and Mary Kay stuffed in their catalogs back then. Put this monster of 90's beige clean at extrait de parfum concentration, and give it an appropriately "niche" blackcurrant top, then serve for $350. No thank you, I'd rather have the fake oud notes and pickled sandalwood mixed with candy rose please.

The opening comes across with that aforementioned blackcurrant very strongly, with a juicy tart kind of sweetness that is actually pleasant, beguiling, and obscuring of the "vintage" cheapness that lurks underneath. I get some halonial-like aldehydes that really remind me of the fluffiness found in Angel by Thierry Mugler (1992). So far, I'm in my happy place and can rightfully see how this comes across as "therapy" for being a real mood lifter. Mandarin soaks its way in between the fruity ionones and clean uplift of hedione that follows, followed by a tiny speck of yellow florals that help communicate the claimed magnolia note. Iris and a leafy tonka have a large part to play here too, so Musk Therapy recalls a bit of Versace The Dreamer (1997), another 90's value gem in the clean musky category. The grayness of the cK One and HM also appear too, so check off your tea note and linen note boxes too. Eventually that sweet white musk shows up along with a claimed "pink musk", which could be any mix of classic nitromusks still legally in use (so no musk ketone, musk xylene, or musk ambrette obviously) with a bit of the peony note I personally identify with the Glade Angel Whispers candle. The blackcurrant returns then goes again, and eveything is delightfully in that cheap thrill drugstore zone, just amped over the moon. Wear time is until you scrub this off, and people will smell you coming, so beware. Best use for this I think is as a personal cozy smell any time of year, for any gender; but expect people in public to think you're wearing a fragrance recommended from an old issue of Tiger Beat magazine, just saying.

So far so good right? Wrong. For as delightfully fun as this is, you're still paying for what is really a "Dawn Ultra" concentration of the fruity white musks you can still buy at any local drugstore or mall kiosk that goes far below the designer baseline in price to carry them (think the ones that are loaded down with clone houses, they usually have brands like Jovan too). I see no reason to pay $350 for this type of "musk therapy" unless you really are super in love with that blackcurrant mashup with a bit of Angel in the beginning, like someone stripped all the gourmand tones from the Mugler scent and replaced its bones with a 90's Bath & Body Works spray. Otherwise, you can have the same fun for much less, really guys. I try not to be petty unless the fragrance house in question is being petty too, and Initio Parfums Privés clearly are here. They must think their mostly white upper-class millionaire real estate investor clientele or their president-of-the-HOA Etsy shop-running stay-at-home wives (who end up in "attack of the Karen" videos posted to TikTok) are really that stupid and detached from recent pop culture history, enough to be spoonfed a doctored version of the Jovan White Musk that the single mom over 40 working 2 jobs and ringing them up for coffee at WaWa is wearing to feel pretty. If money is no object for you and buying this is no sweat off your back, then more fool me I guess, but I'd still feel a real sense of shame wearing this knowing what other kinds of truly exotic beauty in the perfume world I could have instead for the same kinds of money. Thumbs down
11th August, 2021

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