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  • We welcome reviews of fragrances from our visitors, but would request that they conform to the guidelines outlined below.


  • Reviews should contain some writing. Reviews which post a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ without including a review of the fragrance will not be published.
  • The recommended length for a review on Basenotes is between 100 and 500 words. Short, pithy reviews are allowed, but need to say something about the fragrance. Reviews such as: ‘I like it’ or ‘This is rubbish’ may not be published. Reviews which are overlong may not be published.
  • We welcome creativity and humour in Basenotes reviews. However, if we feel that the reviewer’s response to the fragrance has been lost in a mire of creativity, that review may not be published.
  • We understand that some fragrances contain notes which emulate bodily fluids, and that the fragrance industry frequently uses sexual imagery and, as such, we expect reviews to occasionally mention these things. Reviews which are judged to be crossing the line into bad taste or sharing ‘too much information’ may not be published.

For examples of good reviews, see our ‘Most Liked Reviewers’ list, here: (To ‘like’ a review, simply click on the ‘heart’ icon.)

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