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  1. big smoke

    Hi,I'm searching for something big smokey and wild.
    City on fire and t rex are both great.Looking to try the offerings from Beufort of London.
    Any one got any other suggestions?
    Thank you.
  2. Montale

    Quote Originally Posted by NickZee View Post
    I have 25+ Montales. Why? They are big, brash, unapologetic, exotic scents. They are very affordable. The rose notes are excellent. They have a distinct Montale signature that no other brand comes close to.

    But it takes a lot of work to navigate the range. Once you get past the 10 or so scents that everyone raves about, it’s possible to step on a dud, but there are also gems to be found which either have not caught on or were popular 8-9 years ago but have since been forgotten
  3. Coty's last perfume and the aldehyde connection

    Complice was originally released in 1934, the year Coty died. It was subsequently relaunched in 1973 under the title Complice by François Coty.

    Complice is a cool creamy bouquet, aldehydic and lightly pink; a soft abstract floral that clearly owes a lot to Ernest Beaux. Complice is a fine aldehydic (at least in the 1973 version) but it's nothing special. It stands alongside Infini and 1000 which were released the year before but doesn't really outshine them. The interesting thing ...

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  4. Eau Sauvage EDT Vintage

    I wonder if anyone can help me ?
    Would a "pre bar code" on Eau Sauvage EDT 50ml be considered a
    "Vintage Formulation"
    Any feedback would be much appreciated!
  5. Bleu De Chanel EDP (Batch Confusion)

    Quote Originally Posted by haris1687 View Post
    Dear All,

    I am planning to purchase BDC (EDP) , i have no idea about the reformulations of this fragrance. Kindly guide me 2020 batches and 2019 batches are same or they watered down??

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