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  1. Another great frag ruined? Lagerfeld Cologne vs. Lagerfeld Classic.

    Quote Originally Posted by lukeb View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by lukeb View Post
    Thanks Dimitrios

    Is there any truth to toilette evaporating if you put in your own sprayer?
    Most excellent! I'll hit the local joints today and see if I can find one !

    Appreciate the learned advice.
    Hi guys, I have owned a number of bottles of cologne version. From the original splash cologne to Eau De cologne . I have only just had the chance to smell the coty version.
    I cannot believe anyone could not distinguish ...
  2. Fougere L'Aube - Finally Ready

    Golden dewdrops sparkle upon lush green ferns. Fougere L'Aube is cool and fresh, like the brisk air that surrounds the glow of the morning sun.

    Notes include: Lavender, Green Citrus, Galbanum, Geranium, Hay, Moroccan Rose, Amber, Camphor, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Musk and Costus

    I built the initial base structure of Fougere L'Aube as a classic 1930s fragrance ...
  3. Beauty and the Brut

    There's nothing special about the Great Smell of Brut; it was just a good fougère, nice - but nothing revolutionary. What made Brut great, and a big success, was something more subtle - attitude.

    It's a sweet and pleasant little thing that never - at any time - resembles the brute it purports to be. The balance of sweet, green and anisic is alright, but that doesn't explain the phenomenal success that Brut enjoyed in the 1970's when - for a generation - it became the male scent de ...

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  4. I NEED Creed Aventus Flacon... BEST PRICE...

    I'm looking to purchase 250ml Creed Aventus.
    Where can I get the best price. I live in the United States.
  5. Parterre's new Tribute to Edith in a limited edition of 400

    This is terroir perfume at is best literally from the field to flacon it is subtle floaty scent with discernable traces of absinthe ; apt for the great sparrow waiff chanteuse, Edith Piaff. All the ingredients are grown harvested, distilled, extracted, blended and bottled at Kyneston Mill a fragrance farm . Off course it has to have rose, embedded in geranuim and patchouli, and Alchillea (yarrow) an ancient healing cure for wounds used by Alchilles at troy, that imparts a softness while the dry ...
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