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  1. Eau Sauvage EDT Vintage

    I wonder if anyone can help me ?
    Would a "pre bar code" on Eau Sauvage EDT 50ml be considered a
    "Vintage Formulation"
    Any feedback would be much appreciated!
  2. Bleu De Chanel EDP (Batch Confusion)

    Quote Originally Posted by haris1687 View Post
    Dear All,

    I am planning to purchase BDC (EDP) , i have no idea about the reformulations of this fragrance. Kindly guide me 2020 batches and 2019 batches are same or they watered down??

  3. Men's fragrances with the best 'honey' note

    Quote Originally Posted by dandadda19 View Post
    For the best bang for buck, Georgio for men, Fantastic honey and Oakmos. But please try and find a pre-2009 - I have a 2008 and pre 2000 bottle With no ingredients list. EA earlier Formulas are pretty true to the original.
    PRPH With the Silver metallic old font logo if you can find it is truly amazing. Also the mid 80s bottles with the bevelled glass logo. Jampacked with delicious honey, Oakmoss And herbs, In my opinion the best ever fougere

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