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  1. big smoke

    Hi,I'm searching for something big smokey and wild.
    City on fire and t rex are both great.Looking to try the offerings from Beufort of London.
    Any one got any other suggestions?
    Thank you.
  2. Montale

    Quote Originally Posted by NickZee View Post
    I have 25+ Montales. Why? They are big, brash, unapologetic, exotic scents. They are very affordable. The rose notes are excellent. They have a distinct Montale signature that no other brand comes close to.

    But it takes a lot of work to navigate the range. Once you get past the 10 or so scents that everyone raves about, itís possible to step on a dud, but there are also gems to be found which either have not caught on or were popular 8-9 years ago but have since been forgotten

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