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  1. Expensive perfumes that smell cheap

  2. does animale animale by animale parfums smell like an older man would?does it smell dated?

    I wanted to get your opinions of this cologne
  3. Mustang colognes for year-round use

    I own both Mustang and Mustang Blue and have been shocked at the spectacular quality and balance of each one, in spite of the cheesy marketing and name. I have concluded that, since Mustang may be one of the best Fall/Winter scents and Mustang Blue may be among the best Spring/Summer scents available, one could conceivably be well served in staying with just the two of these year-round. Please feel welcome to discuss, dispute, or otherwise test this theory.
  4. Olfactive Studio: Photographers and Perfumers Join Forces

    Perfumes begin as ideas. A perfumer is presented with a brief from a client in the form of a written description, a piece of music, a painting, or a specific object, and it is the perfumer's job to translate that into scent. In the case of Olfactive Studio, a line launched in 2012, the brief consists of words and images chosen by Céline Verleure, a former exec at Kenzo and the founder of ...
  5. Must have perfume bottle prints by Doug Wada

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