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  1. Indolic florals

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    It's usually used in the context of flowers. Certain flowers have a rather over-ripe quality that smells slightly "off" and animalic, due to chemicals called indoles. Apparently they smell quite foul on their own, but in most florals they just add a warm depth, I've found.
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    If I may quote Luca Turin, who described indoles quite nicely his 'Perfumes: The Guide' review of Olene by Diptyque:

    Quote from page 267: 'One of the many difficulties that nature has strewn
  2. 'Nam Op Thai' or Ancient Thai Wet Powder Perfume

    'Nam Op Thai' gives you aromatic, fresh and coolness that is really suitable for tropical country like Thailand.

    It is an ancient Thai knowledge of 'Fragrance Making' and it was formerly wore exclusively by the people in the palace. Now it is available for everyone.

    Thai people in the city have changed their taste to western fragrances, but people in the rural area still use it ...
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  3. Perfumes By Nature: Craving & My Gardenia


    Craving opens with a singularly delicious accord - coffee, chocolate, and toasted hazelnuts. Sweet but not syrupy, it's the olfactory equivalent of drinking a capuccino and eating a box of hazelnut chocolates, with none of the calories that come with that.

    Coffee and me have had a rough history when it comes to fragrances. For some reason, the lightest whiff of coffee ...
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