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  1. Dilution problem

    Hello can someone please help me out on diluting different oils
  2. frederic malle musc ravageur since the buyout and parent company ownership change

    Quote Originally Posted by Heawns View Post
    Anybody know when they changed the backside text on the band around the bottle? I know there are at least 3 variants of bottles that I own. Bottle bought in 2010 (produced in 2009 I think it was according to the bottom) with matte cap says EDITIONS DE PARFUMS FREDERIC MALLE in a larger font, whereas the bottles with shiny cap I bought in 2017 say EDP FRANCE HOLDINGS S.A.S. in a smaller font instead. Then the recent purchase of Dans Tes Bras I assume was produced in-between those eras, it has the
  3. Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT and EDP

    I wore the EDT yesterday and am wearing the EDP today. They are both lovely scents -- especially the EDP -- but I'm finding that when I wear them, I generally wish they were a little more substantial. (And a bit less sweet.) I was hovering between the For Her EDP and Mitsouko EDP this morning. Very different moods. In retrospect, I should have gone with the Mitsouko. It has a wonderful depth and solidity to it. It feels grounding, anchoring. For Her just floats around me in a soft, somewhat powdery ...
  4. A place for all this to go

    My dear partner dislikes fragrance and is allergic to many things, and most of the people in my life aren't terribly fussed about fragrance. This means my recent enthusiasm has no outlet. It's going to have to all go here.

    The first perfume I ever owned was Angel. In 1996, a family friend gave me two 5mL bottles of the parfum just after it had launched. I didn't wear Angel much -- it was too strong for me -- but as a little girl the chocolatey-foody scent was delicious. A few years ...
  5. Fregrence Formulation


    I am new in this field as i am learning to understand perfumery as a hobby. So far since last one year finally i have bought some essential oils to create fregrence for perfume.

    If any one can help me for batter formulation along with below mentioned ingredients.

    1- ISO E SUPER
    2- HEDION
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