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  1. Essence de santal des Indes orientales de Macassar

    Many years ago (20/25) I bought a can of Sandalwood Essence that said on the label. "Essence de santal des Indes orientales de Macassar" distilled in Holland, from the Naarden brand, does anyone know this product or can you tell me what type of sandalwood it is, is thick and has a honey color, but I don't know natural sandalwood from Mysore.
    I also have a Patchouly essence bought at that time but it is almost black, is that natural?
    I am a perfumery unknown, ...
  2. 31 Days of Iris: Day One and Iris 39

    My spring rotation is not made up exclusively of iris perfumes, but between its large selection of iris options, and all the other irises I have in FB and samples, I think I can manage an iris a day. So I will use this space to post some sort impressions or thoughts, as best I can, from day to day.

    Today's choice is Le Labo Iris 39. It is a green iris, with a very attractive cold musk providing a base coat. Everything smells like "iris," the green iris queens like ...
  3. Is Frédéric Malle going off the boil?

    There has been grumbling for a while now, niche houses sell out to corporations and the quality of the perfume goes down; both in the back catalogue and, most likely – but harder to gauge, in new releases.

    By comparing old and new samples you can often find out if a perfume has been tweaked, but the quality of new releases - compared to the back catalogue - is more difficult to judge. One approach is to look at the ratings a house gets, before and after being sold to a corporation. ...

    Updated 27th March 2021 at 05:11 PM by Wild Gardener

  4. About lychee

    I search information about accord lychee i find

    " Rose + fruit + Dimethyl sulfide = lychee "

    I need advice before i buy materials
    I have questions

    1. Make rose accord first and add fruit and DMS right?
    2. What fruit in that mean.
    3. I can use 'tea rose absolute' instead rose accord?

    You can tell me other advice.

    Thank you in advance.
  5. Experiments for this year.

    The first experiment of this year will be growing nicotine free tobacco with a specific technique I will be developing. I will be growing a selected blonde tobacco and woodland variety, with dry curing in the end. (Turkish tobaccos are too acrid/acidic.) Each will be alcohol extracted, and also steam distilled. This will be one of the yearlong adventures in experimenting. Timing of the steam distillation will be to extract certain constituents which I will blend in a final product of alcohol extraction ...
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