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  1. About lychee

    I search information about accord lychee i find

    " Rose + fruit + Dimethyl sulfide = lychee "

    I need advice before i buy materials
    I have questions

    1. Make rose accord first and add fruit and DMS right?
    2. What fruit in that mean.
    3. I can use 'tea rose absolute' instead rose accord?

    You can tell me other advice.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Experiments for this year.

    The first experiment of this year will be growing nicotine free tobacco with a specific technique I will be developing. I will be growing a selected blonde tobacco and woodland variety, with dry curing in the end. (Turkish tobaccos are too acrid/acidic.) Each will be alcohol extracted, and also steam distilled. This will be one of the yearlong adventures in experimenting. Timing of the steam distillation will be to extract certain constituents which I will blend in a final product of alcohol extraction ...
  3. Sex, magic and white flowers

    Blogger, lecturer, prize giving judge; when Denyse Beaulieu had a perfume made for her by Bertrand Duchaufour, her involvement in the world of perfumery took on a new role, that of art director. Duchaufour was the composer of Séville à l’aube, but this was a collaborative affair between him and Beaulieu - whose vision was the driving force behind the scent.

    In her book The Perfume Lover, she relates how she told the composer about a drunken night in Seville with a Spanish guy named ...

    Updated 25th January 2021 at 10:34 PM by Wild Gardener

  4. journey.

    Its my Birthday today and my kids bought me Journey man by Amouage.
    I hope its a sign of whats to come in 2021.After the dismal 2020 when almost any kind of journey was out due to lockdowns!!!!!!!
    Here is wishing happy travels and journeys to one and all.
  5. BN Goals for 2021

    I don’t like New Year’s resolutions, but I do like to set new goals and intentions for myself at the beginning of the year. This year, I want to accomplish three things.

    1. I want to write at least one perfume review every day. Some days, I might not write any, so when I feel prolific, I will try to write more. The long term goal is to write enough reviews by this summer to get myself into the Basenotes Lounge, although I will probably end up paying for a BN Plus membership ...
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