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    Check out my site if you're interested in my writing. jtd
  2. OPIUM year 2013: 11-batches blind test.

    The history of the "reformulations" involving Opium started many years ago -probably in the mid-80s- but only since 2008-2009 it began a serious -very serious- question.Reformulations since 2008-2009 were one of the most hot and.discussed topics, and you can find dozens of articles over the Net about it. All contributors, however, agree on a fact: Opium is no longer the same scent than before, opulent, rich and magnificent, a real symbol of a Golden Era. The aspect we want to explore, ...
  3. A DIY blind challenge just for fun... if you have NOT smelt SL Filles et Aguilles, it's really good

    Quote Originally Posted by kantofox View Post
    Fille the Fourth

    A haphazard journey into the woods.

    so as I sat reading the various briefs posted by BN members, I came to a few decisions.
    1. I definitely did not want my scent to be of a pine sol-y nature.
    2. I had to capture some sort of camp fire with which is being fed by aromatic woods
    3. I had no Idea what Huate concentree meant as far as blending goes (since then I've diluted most of my oils to 15%)
    4. I need to figure out how
  4. Site downtime - 13 Nov 2014

    Just to let you know that at some point tomorrow (Wednesday 13 Nov) evening (GMT), the site will be down for a while, as we will be moving our database server.

    Once this is done, this should hopefully speed things up a bit and we can concentrate on getting the Huddler data imported.

    Thank you

    Behind the Scenes
  5. I wish I could write like that

    There is one blog in particular of which I have become an enthusiastic follower. Kafka is the author, at least that is her short name, you will see everything about her in the Section ABOUT ME and her name stems from the idea that her life has been a "Kafkaesque life". Busy all over the world. But instead of me putting it into words, here is the link to her marvelous blog. Each article has glorious photos with the narrative text. The whole website is elegantly set up.

    On ...
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