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  1. Perfumes is the sentimental bridge of Love

    I am delighted to be a member of Basenotes.
    It would have been nice to vote for a favourite prefume of 2012 but alas,
    I have not worn perfume for a thousand years...ooops I mean since 2000!

    I have some of my most favourite perfumes stored in my special well scented of them the very last drop of Rose Cardin.
    Twas found at the House of Pierre Cardin in France by a good friend.

    So I am new at everything ...second coming sort of thing ...
  2. Lush - Breath of God

    You are standing in a field. You kneel and take a handful of earth. Outside is cloudy and humid, about to rain but not yet. The earth is moist and you feel it on your fingers as you play with it. I say earth but what i mean is soil, the real stuff, meaty, dirty yet fertile. Things are growing here.

    You bring it close to your nose, attracted by its texture and the ancient connection with this loam, the estranged and always present pull of the earth. You take a deep breath, You donít ...
  3. Last day to leave a comment for a free giveaway

    Great review for the 2 newest Natural Perfumes by Sororia, you have until March 9th to enter a comment for the draw! A full size bottle of Tamani and Dulcet Flora to be given away!
  4. Samples from the amazing Rubegon! Pt. 1

    Let me just preface by saying that I am a beginner and my observations are lacking accuracy in fragrance-vocabulary. My skills at identifying notes are also lacking.

    I am about a month in to my fragrance hobby and I had just completed my first swap on Basenotes. My swap buddy was extremely generous by gifting me a huge selection of hand-picked samples. When he asked what I wanted to try, I told him CB I Hate Perfume Black March and Amouage Jubilation XXV. The guy did some sleuthing ...
  5. Patchouli oil

    I have a small bottle of thirty five year old Patchouli oil that I bought in the seventies. I didn't open it for over twenty years. I wonder what to do with it as I ware chanel mademoiselle most of the time. I hear it can be mixed with other scents ? I thought maybe I wouldn't open it and save it and see what happens the older it gets.
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