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  1. January 1, 2021 -- Medical update

    For the past half year, I've been dealing with bladder cancer. A tumor was removed last summer, and biopsy showed it to be an aggressive form, so treatment would also be aggressive. A medport was surgically installed through which I received two months of chemotherapy. A few weeks after completing chemo, my bladder, uterus and multiple lymph nodes were removed. The day after this surgery, a stent shifted and punctured a ureter, requiring emergency surgery.

    After some days in the
  2. I Smell. . . Changes

    I know people got lots of things going on. Some of us have had a lot of changes come about due to the lockdown. Some of us, like myself, had a lot of changes going on even before the lockdown, uncomfortable changes. I haven't been posting here very much over the past ten years because a LOT of changes happened about ten years ago. And it led to other changes, and more changes, and more changes, and more changes.

    So by the time the lockdown happened, I was getting used to having to ...
  3. Fracas - What the Critics say

    Fracas is a hard perfume to write about. Not because itís hard to break down into chords, or thereís nothing to say about it, itís hard because most things worth saying have already been said.
    So instead of trying to find something original to say, I will draw on the comments of other writers who have already dealt with this great classic.

    Fracas is widely held to be the reference tuberose, the one by which all others are judged. Raiders of the Lost Scent calls it a Ďbenchmark ...

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  4. I hated it, now I love it.

    Just putting this out there to see if I am the only one who experiences this from time to time. I have bought fragrances having tried them on my skin, at the store. When i get home, the whole process of transition from top to base notes made me question my purchase. I put the fragrance down for a while and when I came back to it, I found myself liking it. it also seems to perform better than when i first sprayed it on.
  5. incense! incense! my kingdoom for an incense!

    Quote Originally Posted by Palicao View Post
    Hi all fellow beautiful creatures of the night
    I look at you, it's at you I come in front of your devotee shrine and I humbly again ask for directions
    be my muse, be my guide, be my prophets

    for I am lost, I am lost in the Labyrinth and the Beast is behind me, ever smelling like the foul creature he is
    ever chasing down the corners of this dark antique building

    Let's begin like true greek choruses
    First the Actors

    The Minotaur
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