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  1. verycharlie's Avatar
    Thanks for the info Grant, and thank goodness! As an ipad user I had all but given up on Basenotes as the 'new' version was just hopelessly frustrating on ipad and didn't work at all. As a tech/web project manager I really appreciate the immense complex headache this all must have been so thanks for the effort and thanks for bringing us home when it didn't pan out. I'm sure Basenotes will get the upgrade it deserves at some point but until then I am very happy to be back.
  2. lpp's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by HAllen
    Will post counts be restored. I was almost at 500, and now I'm at 204. I was really excited to try my hand at some splits this Christmas.
    Please see new thread in the 'Bugs' section which is where site bugs are dealt with.
  3. Renato's Avatar
    I've been wondering for a week what this "move back home" business was about. Using my SIM card internet connection didn't show me anything I could relate to, and the little page loading indicator never showed any page completely loaded.

    But now, using my hotel's WiFi in that same phone, I can now see what the move home was about.
  4. HAllen's Avatar
    Will post counts be restored. I was almost at 500, and now I'm at 204. I was really excited to try my hand at some splits this Christmas.
  5. PerfumeCollector's Avatar
    Shouldn't you have consulted us about the move back?
    Finally I got comfortable with the new site and BOOOM, back to the old faulty page.
    I spent a lot of time and effort building my wardrobe and now I found that all the changes in my wardrobe since the move have disappeared. Now I don't remember which one I have deleted or which ones I have added.
    All the threads from the forum since the move have disappeared.
    I am disappointed and angry about the move, specially that was done without notice.
  6. B.I.G.'s Avatar
    I don't want to anticipate things, but will the sotd data from huddler be transferred by the end of 2013 ?

  7. MysteryBuff40's Avatar
    The Luddites won.
  8. maw808's Avatar
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I so appreciate your "back to the future" change! I really found the other site unwieldy and incomprehensible. Even if this new/old site is slower, its content is worth waiting for!
  9. DanHD's Avatar
    Not happy. Iphone formatting was better on new and response was quicker in US.

    I don't see any good alternative to basenotes, but I work in IT and can't help but be bewildered by this change. I'm sure it will get better, but I had to vent a little. Hope my profile stuff will get transferred..
  10. jPhx's Avatar
    Personally, I'm glad to have the old vista of the wardrobe, with fragrance count. It's not slow for me at the moment, but glitzy as the new huddler site was. I preferred the original way - it was easy to see everything in the wardrobe. Nevertheless, Grant and the team have done a good job in keeping Basenotes alive.
  11. markc's Avatar
    No more option to post Scent of the Day to Facebook?
  12. jujy54's Avatar
    Just a thank you for all you do, Grant.
  13. kantofox's Avatar
    I liked the original site.. or at least the one I joined into better than the new 2013 Gui. when I stumbled back on earlier this year I felt lost and a little confused. Am I getting old at 30 ?
  14. Zgb's Avatar
    Great work
  15. Omega1185's Avatar
    Thank you for putting the site back the way it was. Truth be told, I hated the new site, so I'm 100 percent behind you on bringing this version back.
  16. SillageMonger's Avatar
    Thanks, Grant. I am very happy to have the old format back.
  17. jgold47's Avatar
    perhaps I missed it, but are we going to be able to get access to our old inbox?
  18. maigl÷ckchen's Avatar
    Na endlich!
    I am really happy about it!
  19. Francop's Avatar
    Thanks for listening to us Grant,

    Am glad and happy to be back home again.

    I hope this time we can all look forward to a brighter site

    Would you consider hiring some wiz IT kids who could help you shine as bright as Princess Diana?

    Greetings from Manchester...

    Cheers Bud!
    Updated 30th October 2013 at 08:17 PM by Francop (Typos)
  20. deleted user 20150916's Avatar
    I appreciate ALL that the staff at Basenotes do,but I must say I think this "new" site without an "off topic" section is an absolute disaster,and I take NO pleasure in saying that.
    It has without doubt lost it's MOJO.
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