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  1. Galimard Perfume Creation Class Grasse, France Review and Tips by Deborah Dolen

    I could not have had a better Thanksgiving 2015. I was able to take two different perfume construction courses at Galimard at Galimard in Grasse, France. I was there for "one on one" training with a nose. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who can get to Grasse, but know an appointment is very important for classes. I am writing this blog for those that cannot. ...

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  2. Chart of Most Frequently Used Perfume Notes by Deborah Dolen

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    I often do a highly detailed perfume analysis as a gift for friends just for pure perfumers interest. It is very surprising how what you think is varied taste is actually not at all. Ask any friend or do one yourself. Write a list of all the perfumes you have ever worn as staples or really love. Then possibly add a few if you liked them but not so much. Look up your notes and the real story will unfold in front of your very eyes. It has never failed to surprise me yet and I have done loads of them.

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