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  1. Oh dear, that's very safe

    Bois de jasmin recently blogged about new flavour and fragrance trends that she found somewhere. She said that green tea, peach and citrus are likely to be the most popular notes in the seasons to come.

    But where did this information come from?
    Was it mere guesswork to say that popular - and safe - notes are going to be popular for some time to come? - You don’t need a crystal ball to make that kind of prediction.
    Or did somebody put out feelers on the grapevine to ...

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  2. How do you wear what you wear?

    How do you wear your perfume?
    Do you spray your chest, sides or back;
    Deodorise the armpits?
    Do you spray your neck, or under the collar?
    The back of the hand or the forearm.
    Maybe you scent your hairline
    or your hair.
    Are you a dabber, and if so, do you dab your wrist underneath or on top?
    And where else do you dab?
    You might spray your clothes - on the outside, or on the inside.
    Perhaps you perfume a hankie or a tissue. ...
  3. Michael Edwards renounces Oriental

    Many perfumista’s will be aware of the debate surrounding Oriental, the name of the genre that contains Shalimar and Opium. According to Bois de Jasmin, Michael Edwards will no longer use it in Fragrances of the World. He said that from now on the name will be Amber, and he proposes three categories: Soft Amber, Floral Amber and Woody Amber.

    In the light of his decision, those of us who write about perfume are faced with a choice. We can choose to ignore his lead and continue to ...

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  4. Why don't scent supermarkets stink?

    Something bizarre happened in a scent supermarket the other day. I was in there checking something out when two guys came in and one of them started spraying himself heavily with Bleu de Chanel.
    Ok, nothing strange about that, but then he grabbed Sauvage and gave himself a dozen more sprays with that. Having seen the horror unfolding, I moved away to a safe distance. But, as the two of them left, I crossed his sillage and - nothing! I couldn't smell anything at all.
    A friend said ...

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  5. Fire at the Circus Ball

    Sometimes it can be difficult to say what a perfume smells like. It can change from when it’s worn to on the smelling strip, from one time to the next, how much you spray on, the seasons; many things can influence the way a perfume smells.

    But there is another factor, one that is more objective, the concentration of the juice - which can vary in composition as well as strength. Take the case of No5. In their seminal work Perfumes : The A – Z Guide, Turin and Sanchez review it three ...

    Updated 11th June 2021 at 10:28 AM by Wild Gardener

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