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Red tends to get weird. Weird stuff goes here.

  1. Givenchy Gentleman (New) - A Haiku For CuddleCat

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    In this thread, where new moderator CuddleCat was announced, as well as my own retirement from moderation, N. CAL gave me an excuse to abuse the haiku format in ONE MORE TIME - so heck - like I'm going to pass THAT one up!

    Here you go! -Red

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    I am inspired by CuddleCat's avatar to continue the theme of the last one!

    Before golden gates
    Of the
  2. No Place Like Home

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    I used to say this about Kansas...

    It's a nice place to live, but I wouldn't want to visit there.

    I'm kinda feeling the same way about the new/old site. It seems a little bare-bones at first, but I think I'm going to get used to it.

    Yes, it's a bit primitive. Yes, it's a bit old fashioned. Yes, it's a bit like a trip back to an earlier time.

    But it's classic. REALLY classic.

    And it has ...
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  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, We're Packin' the Heat!


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    Vintage His and Hers Gift Set


    I was on a thread here today, when something hit me.

    We were talking about how some very popular men's designer fragrances, much loved at the moment by most of the world, are completely unloved here. These fragrances are nice enough, but they just don't grab anybody's attention in the perfumista world.

    I tried to think of

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  4. Flagrance Fashion Faux Pas!

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    The Humor of Bad Taste and The Bad Taste of Humor - An Age-Old Dilemma

    Inspired by a forthright discussion with some of the ladies here at Basenotes, two of my favorite characters explore a thorny question of social cohesion versus individual freedom of expression. Two brothers on very different paths in life, but still united by their love of fragrance, and perhaps by their unspoken respect for each other. I'm not sure if they ever actually ...

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  5. I Bathed in Bleu de Chanel!

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    Truly, my friends, there is nothing that I will not do in pursuit of the beauty of fragrance. As proof of this fact, I offer you yesterday's glorious adventure in fragrance appreciation, if not also a misadventure in fragrance application.


    Having sampled Bleu de Chanel in stores - about a dozen times or so - I had been left in the curious state of finding the fragrance enjoyable, yet maddeningly inscrutable. ...

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