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Personal Reflections

Thoughts on how I use perfumes, how I feel about them, or what I discover about myself through them.

  1. Personal Updates, with an Emphasis on Scents

    Note: This has been sitting as a draft unposted since February 2014. I just discovered that I never actually posted it!

    OK, so I decided to switch horses in the middle of the stream; I'll start over.

    It's been over two years since I last posted to my blog, or since I've spent much time on Basenotes, for that matter. The reasons for that are a little bit involved, and I don't want to say too much about that in this blog entry. Maybe I'll save most of it for another one later
  2. Fanciful Transformations

    Odd things come unbidden to mind and assume new associations.

    For example, as I was sitting down to read a rather mundane mystery novel, seemingly out of nowhere I suddenly remembered part of Ariel's song in Act I, scene ii of Shakespeare's The Tempest:

    Full fathom five thy father lies;
    Of his bones are coral made;
    Those are pearls that were his eyes;
    Nothing of him that doth fade,
    But doth suffer a sea-change
    Into something rich and
  3. Nocturnal Meditation in Translation, "Clair de Lune"

    Translation is at best a difficult and dissatisfying, often even frustrating, task; yet I feel drawn to try my hand at it from time to time.

    This is a poem of Paul Verlaine, he of the sad and broken love affair and infatuation with the younger poet, his sometime admirer Arthur Rimbaud. The poem was also the inspiration for Claude Debussy's orchestral rendering in his piece of the same name, part of his Suite Bergamasque.

    Verlaine paints a moonlit landscape grounded

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    Personal Reflections
  4. A Picture from the blue

    A friend of mine was on a fight to Dubai recently and noticed one of the cabin crew was wearing a name tag with the same family name on it as mine. He took the man's picture and emailed it to me remarking on the strange coincidence. Of course, the flight attendant was from the same part of Spain, Galicia, as my parents, but it led me to think about some things I hadn't considered for a long time.

    Here's what I wrote to the friend who emailed me that picture:

    Thanks for

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    Personal Reflections
  5. Packing scents for a trip (from a post to the Men's Fragrance board)

    My history of packing fragrances to take on a trip has changed quite a bit over the years. Early on, I packed quite a variety. Once I went on a week-long cruise and packed a different day and evening scent for each day, and then threw in a couple more, in case I changed my mind.

    Homeland Security and TSA regulations soon put an end to that kind of extravagance. For a while, I tried to pack more carefully. I made sure to put scents into checked luggage, still taking at least four or

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    Personal Reflections
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