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  1. IFRA Standards - a summary

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    No problem. I canít say how much was in Channel Pour Monsieur but I can say that when Iím making a masculine fragrance to a commission and donít need to worry about the standards I will typically want to use in the region of 1%. So ten times as much as is now permitted.

    Actually itís the Eugenol and Geraniol standards that is the most problematic though:

    Here is the IFRA list of oils containing Eugenol:
    Clove bud/leaf/stem oil < 90
    Cinnamon leaf oil
  2. Need help with a Tuberose accord

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    Use Methyl Tuberate

    Here is a simple Tuberose base for you to play with.

    Benzyl Acetate 10.0
    Methyl Benzoate 4.0
    Linalol 7.0
    Methyl Salicylate 4.0
    Benzyl Salicylate 10.0
    Methyl Helptine Carbonate (or Undecavertol, or Methyl Octine Carbonate) 1.0
    Methyl ANthrnilate 20.0
    Ylang (Oil or Base) 4.0
    Aurantiol 1.0
    Methyl Tubrate 0.5
    gamma Octalactone 0.5
    Celery Seed Oil 0.9
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  3. Resource


    I am really interested in using aroma chemicals in candles. Iíve been able to determine safety levels for perfumes and other skin products, but I am having a hard time determine the safety level and maximum quantity allowed for certain ingredients. If anyone can direct me to a great resource, I would greatly appreciate it.
  4. Please Help


    I am looking for this candle fragrance oil I am smelling everywhere. Smells like Santal 33, Maison Louis Marie #4 and I smell it in high end and drugstore candles. Itís usually described as sandalwood or driftwood. Itís a paper, dry woodsy scent.

    I currently make candles and can usually detect the same oakmoss and amber or teakwood every brand is using, but canít find this one ingredient that appears to be available to many.


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