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  1. Say It Ain't So Gio... Or A Newbie's Guide to Spotting A Counterfeit Acqua Di Gio.

    The past year I have been adding many fragrances to my collection.

    But during this time I received my fair share of fakes and counterfeits since I do purchase from online auctions and private sellers.

    I give most of these internet sellers the benefit of the doubt as I don't think they realize they are selling a fake or they are just not familiar with that particular fragrance brand they have offered for sale.

    It is not unusual for the seller to state ...
  2. Absence of Memory

    Okay, the days go much faster as we grow older. Or so it seems.
    Lately I have been pondering about the earliest 'Scents' that I can remember.
    Was it the smell of ozone after my first childhood thunderstorm?
    The salt air blowing through the windows of my Father's car when we were approaching the Jersey shore?
    My mother's perfume?
    The absence of my memory in this area has troubled me greatly.

    After weeks of mind sieves and tainted memories, the ...
  3. Scent: A Mental Journey

    Now, as years seem to pass more quickly and the sentiment of fonder days settles in, I tend to revisit the colognes that have taken me through life's journey so far.
    Canoe and Wind Drift (English Leather) were a staple during high school.
    Aqua Di Selva was a trusty friend during my late teens and early twenties.
    Mid-Twenties brought more complicated times and more serious fragrance like Calvin (the Original) and Kouros.
    The thirty something years were laden with Antaeus ...
  4. Curse of the Tea Rose

    I confess, Holiday shopping is not my favorite pastime. I consider myself a planner but Holiday shopping is my choice procrastination. I understand, it tends to be a thing we men seem to do.
    This particular Holiday season would be a bit easier as I decided to give most of those on my gift list the gift of perfume or cologne. And I chose to begin my Dec. 23rd excursion heading to a local well-known discount store which would be the first of many stops I needed to make that day.
  5. Used Colognes... Who Knew?

    One of the most interesting things I have found recently is how well some popular fragrances are selling on eBay. The surprising discovery is that these are used (previously owned) colognes and parfumes. Some bottles were nearly dry yet depending on the rarity or popularity of the fragrance, the final bids were high.
    Now, I have no issue with a spray that was previously owned but considering the potential hygenic risks with a splash, that raises some concern. Yet both splashes and sprays ...

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