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  1. Leather/Iris

    Okey Dokey. For everyone who asked me to report back, here we are. For everyone who is not interested in this thread, well I would move swiftly on if I were you.

    First, a caveat, I am just a keen novice and these are only my views....

    ..and Sari, I hope that you are here. I have something to tell you!!

    Well, I like Iris, and I like Leather, and I was thinking about Iris and Leather together. It seems to me that there is something ...

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  2. Shalimar Perfume Initial

    I may need to run for cover.

    This would have been better posted as a review but Shalimar Perfume Initial has not been listed yet (or I can't find it), and I just can't hold my wheesht.

    In my opinion Shalimar Perfume Initial is a very carefully thought out new interpretation of Shalimar which has been made with respect to the original Shalimar and to Guerlain generally. There I have said it.

    I think that we sometimes have to remind ourselves that new ...
  3. The Intriguing case of the......

    An Intriguing case for the delectation of Basenotes..............

    In the 1970's little schoolchildren all over Europe were encouraged to choose penpals from a list of other little schoolchildren, the objective being that they would learn something about each other. I chose Helmut, a boy from Germany, whom I hope is happy and living well, but my story does not concern him. I also chose a girl from France. Her name was Francoise. Francoise Lelong.

    In her first letter ...

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