Discovering Mom for Mother's Day

05th May, 2016

Mother's Day is fast approaching in North America and I can hear the ca-ching of cash registers everywhere with the purchases of predictable fragrance box sets, duos and beautifully-wrapped scents that she has been wearing since her school Prom or when  she met "Dad".  Yes, it's a sure bet she will love it, probably the only fragrance she gets year after year right? but who is exactly is your Mom or the next best thing to being a Mom-figure in your life?

One thing I personally loathe about Mother's Day cards are the wording. It's all about what a great Mom she is, all the things she has done for you and how you've become the person you are because of her. The humorous ones attempt a chuckle with how she's put up with you all these years ad infinitum. Funny? Not exactly.  The helping part is true but the sentiment becomes one-sided and boring. How well do you actually know her as a person? her likes, loves, hobbies? how great she is at certain things? What are her passions, talents, hobbies?

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You think you know her pretty well but have you been observing very carefully of the things she loves to do other than than the things she does for you?  Instead of buying the old standby, how about changing things up a bit?  She is not just one onion skin but a multi-layered person with hidden depths and personality.  Change is a good thing! When she cuts and colours her hair into a new style, she feels great! When she wears a new pair of shoes or voices an opinion on something you've never even considered, it's revealing. Finding a fragrance that recognizes her traits shows care, thoughtfulness and love. It also circumvents commercialism and turns a purchase into something heartfelt and meaningful because it will be all about her.

So, it is time for a change and you are going to be the one to instigate it. Traversing inside Mom's mind can be challenging but you might see something familiar in these fragrance personality lifestyles. She might cover more than just one profile offering up more options. 


credit: © Marian Bendeth
For instance, is she a natural designer, painter? does she love to beautify things, places, objects? Does she have a keen eye for colours and textures? Why not consider fragrances that bring out all those characteristics? Try the bold floral classification  Big exciting florals with tuberose, gardenia, rose and peony reveal a passionate lady with great vision. Think colours when you smell! red, pink, oranges and purples.

* * *


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Is she great in the kitchen? Do you still salivate when you walk in the door and smell your favourite home-cooked meals? Is she a great baker or experimental with world recipes? Consider selecting a fragrance from the gourmand family.  Edible fragrance notes with touches of figs, almonds, champagne, coffee, chocolate,  sugary cakes, soothing teas and coffees might inspire her senses.

* * *


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Ok, you're a lucky one because you have a youthful Mom! She loves to party, dresses in funky clothes, has a wicked sense of humour and loves to meet new people. She's very cool. Your friends adore her. What better than to pick her some voluptuous fruity/floral fragrances  that are buoyant with peaches, apricots, rhubarb and berry notes.  Make it a splashy fragrance for fun lady.

* * *


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This Mom is the bomb at arranging and delegating stuff. Everything is put in its' proper place and she does everything with great care. She is so reliable.  She loves to work out, jog, owns a pilates mat, spins and only buys organic foods.  She's handy around the house, knows how to change a tire or be calm in an emergency? nuff said.   Consider the Hesperidien family notes of lemons, limes, grapefruit, a tonic fragrance to crisp things up like the sheets on her bed with the corners tucked down.

* * *

credit: © Marian Bendeth
Maybe your Mom is a cottage person.  Loves to be outdoors, green thumb with a trillion flowers in beds and pots everywhere.  She loves to be near the lake or the ocean. You might find her on on the dock in a lounge chair reading a bestseller. She loves to hike, camp, stand in the rain without an umbrella. So what if her hair gets wet? She wants to experience all her senses.  Consider a Floral/green or aquatic scent with notes of: Calone, cyclamen, grassy, iris, lavender, ozonic, leafy and vegetal/mineral notes. 

* * *


credit: © Marian Bendeth
This Mom is a powerhouse! Don't debate with her because  you will never win. Your Mom is the boss of the house and has a great deal of inner and outer authority. She makes things happen when noone else wants to. She made sure you did your best too.  You might hear her say, 'Risk taking, successes and failures are all part of life kid."  She's truly inspirational!  Try Floral/Orientals or Orientals that waterfall from warm florals into a hotbed of vanilla, spices, woods or ouds. Pack it with a punch!

* * *


credit: © Marian Bendeth
Is your Mom is a true romantic?  Did you see that dreamy book cover next her bed? Makeup and fashion don't consume her at all.  She is a girl inside a woman's body sometimes. Dreaming of positive things and always looking for the best in people. She also loves to help people as much as possible. Maybe that's why she loves animals so much too or avoids arguments like the plague.  Think of white florals and aldehydic fragrances with delicate notes of watery jasmine, muguet (lily-of-the-valley), gardenia, honeysuckle, sweet pea, white rose and freesia. Make her imagination take flight. 

* * *


credit: © Marian Bendeth
Maybe your Mom could spend hours shopping. Possibly in the Dollar Store or in a high end boutique, retailer or antique market.  She has an amazing eye and knows quality when she sees it.  She doesn't even feel the need to buy every time either. It's just fun to see what is out there, to feel connected to the world.  She has her favourite shows on TV but is also up to date on the news, stock market and maybe even some sports scores. This woman is up to snuff on everything, you may want to google her name and check to see if she has her own blog you don't know about? Consider the floral/woody family with notes of sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, oakmoss, blonde woods and translucent musks.

* * *



Note to self, take a mental check of all the things that make her smile. Her natural inclinations, her lifestyle, her joys. Really think about what makes her tick?

Find a fragrance that should  have her name on it. It is imperative to explain why you chose this particular fragrance for her and what it says about her lifestyle and all her strengths. Try not to use the phrases "Hope you like it? or "it's new". By making it personal, you are recognizing her not just as a Mom but as a person too.  Tell her you bought it for her as inspiration because she is one amazing multi-faceted person and you are so proud to call her your Mom.  

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About the author: Marian Bendeth

Marian Bendeth is a Global Fragrance Expert based out of Toronto, Canada. Marian has won six fragrance industry editorial awards for her writing. You can find out more on her website



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      • hednic | 11th May 2016 15:13

        So many truths expressed in the article. Made me think about how much I miss my mom.

      • OrientalSage | 12th May 2016 10:11

        Mother... the one person in this world that's irreplaceable.

        She is so unique that nobody even come close to her likeness. Nobody!

        Mother... my mentor, critic and number one fan.

        She has taught me how to run the house, cook meals and manage family members. But she was a keen and patient supervisor until I perfected everything.

        Mother... my secret keeper and my personal newscaster.

        She holds my deep most secret for life yet she's the one who will tell everyone if I did great in school or I have been promoted in work. bestfriend for life...

      • Sillage6 (article author) | 20th May 2016 03:28

        Beautifully said!

      • lapel roll | 6th June 2016 19:06

        Well, the real mother's day (or Mothering Sunday as we call it in the UK) is not about anyone's mother, it's about returning to the parish's church (see here).

        Mother's Day, while fairly harmless in concept, ought to be steered away from expensive gifts and the commercial cashing-in. Pick some flowers and give them to your mothers; these smell nice too.

      • Buysblind | 7th June 2016 21:33

        The Basenotes Robot has quite profound human emotions.

        Too bad he still won't accept my friend request. :(