Nick Gilbert

Nick has been working in the world of fragrance for over 15 years. He is co-founder of Olfiction, a creative scent agency offering fragrance development, training, copy and content production. He is frequently quoted in the press and has provided perfumery training globally, from London to Seoul.


  1. What was your first fragrance?

    CK Be. I badgered my mother into buying it for me after watching Paula Yates describe it on The Big Breakfast. The "notes" came up on the screen as illustrations and I was seduced. When I bought my own though, it was Gucci Envy for Men & Emporio Armani White He (same time, payday at Boots.)

  2. Desert Island fragrance?

    I normally say Jicky to make it sound like I'm a Serious Perfume Person. But at a push, the reality is Comme des Garçons 2 Man. Incense!

  3. Favourite book?

    This is subject to change: I'm really enjoying Wodehose at the moment, but it's probably The Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter part 3...). And otherwise I really love to read textbooks, usually hovering somewhere between Psychology, perception, the chemical senses and now and again I pick up Minna no Nihongo.

  4. Favourite film?

    Mean Girls always makes me feel better.

  5. Favourite food?

    Is gin a food? If not, chips & cake (but not necessarily at the same time). Nandos.

  6. Favourite place in the world? (It's Bristol, isn't it?! -- Ed)

    Yes because it's the best place in the world, but there is shit all perfume there. That being said, there's no place like London.

  7. Favourite music/Desert Island Disc?

    What, one CD forever? Fine, I'll cheat -- Alison Moyet's The Best Of... Otherwise I love electronic music, dance, pop, power ballads and showtunes.

  8. What hobbies/interests do you have apart from fragrance?

    Singing! Musical theatre, gin (legitimately an interest), Japanese language and Great British Bake Off which I'm sure is now classed as a hobby.

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