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  1. Funny! I hadn't noticed any different treatment towards women on the male frag forum, but maybe it's just my attitude that's not different :-) i hope to see you chiming in as often as possible in the discussions, cheers!
  2. Fantastic! I own Llewellyn setters as wonderful pets and outstanding hunting dogs. I also am an olfacts imposter - I'm actually a lesbian husband, daddy, and woman - but no one takes a commenter with a feminine symbol seriously in the masculine forums, so I play a boy for the time being. Cheers, keep up the great reviewing.
  3. It's actually a comic book character by Daniel Clowes, a very anti-modern, negative and bitchy guy... like I am sometimes, LOL!
  4. Is your Llewellyn a reference to the dogs? Or to the nobility?
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