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  1. Aw bums. My picture didn't work. Anyway it's an attractive bottle, opaque black all over. x
  2. [IMG]C:\Users\lynn\Pictures\Amani 35ml.jpg[/IMG]

    That's it Mike but the bottles I had back in the day were half glass and half black stripe. Mine is the 35ml which I think was intended to be for the handbag so it's opaque black glass all over,
  3. I did sweetie, thank you. I think the bottle you're talking about looks like this right?
  4. Hey Mike. Hope all good with you. You asked about the Armani. Just in case you missed it I posted a wee brief response on Tuesday SOTD. It 's heady stuff. I really wish I could send you some. X
  5. Thank you sweetie, very sweet of you (hugs)
  6. Yaaaaarg! I missed your birthday! Many, many happy returns our lovely friend. x
  7. Thanks sweetie ((blushing))
  8. Mike, at the risk of sounding non-PC I can't help but pay you a huuuuge compliment. You are looking soooo handsome! Your husband is a lucky man!
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