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  1. Thank-you!
  2. Wishing you a very happy birthday!
  3. Thanks! As for perfume buying, not for my birthday per se, but I was in Paris last month and in Italy last week, so I bought a couple of perfumes there.
  4. cacio, wish you a belated happy birthday! Hoping you had cake and wine!

    Any birthday perfume shopping?
  5. Wonderful. Metal will be perfect for the hot days to come! Mine will be put back to use soon.
  6. Any birthday perfume shopping? Last night (technically today EST) I bought online Ferre for Man, and, guess what, an unboxed 30 ml bottle of Paco Rabanne's Metal! (This was a 'blind buy', so I hope the juice hasn't turned.)

    So I had already engaged in celebrating your birthday without even knowing or noticing it!
  7. Grazie!
  8. Wish you a very happy birthday!!!
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