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  1. Hi Flathorn...definitely avoid, unless you want to smell simply out of physiological interest. I have to say I'm a little fascinated by the violent reaction I have to some unknown ingredient that seems to make others so happy. A musk of some kind maybe. I have a little theory, I suffer from migraines with a 'halo', which is doctor's term for migraines that manifest with blind spots, impaired vision and a dead arm...or at least I used to as a teen until I isolated what set them juice...I'm wondering if you've ever suffered that kind of migraine?

    I've been reading some of your reviews by the way and really enjoy them, you describe things so well. You have such an interesting collection...I'm dying to try Fleurs de Sel...I'm still pretty new to this world of (proper) perfume and I'm finding my purse is seriously prohibiting my ambitions.
  2. Dear Charlie -
    Read your reviews. I had the same reaction to L'Ombre Dans L'eau as you, and noticed your review of Le Pamplemousse. It sounds like a good one for me to avoid for the same reason. I also got a lesser version of that hideousness from L'Artisan Mon Numero 6. I don't know the molecule involved, but it's a sickener for sure, if you're sensitive to it.
  3. Hi verycharlie -
    Thanks for the heads-up. I was wondering about the newer ones. I really do like AP, so they're worth a sample. Not that I need an excuse - I love to sample! Have a good night!
  4. Dear flathorn, I have just read your recent review of AP Eau Emotionnelle. You might be interested to know that AP just released a new range of 'lighter' versions of three of their classic line up...AP original, L'Agent and Maitresse.....called the Eau Provocatuer range ( I believe the new Eau Provocateur version of AP original might be a much more literal light version of the AP original than Eau Emotionnalle is, which I smell as a totally different perfume might want to check it out.

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