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As well as a huge interest in vintage Avon, Derek enjoys reviewing fragrances and regularly posts on the Basenotes Forums as Zealot Crusader.

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Avon Mad Men - A Masculine Fragrance History : Part 2, Halcyon Days

by Derek Mohr, 02nd April, 2019

This is the second part of Derek Mohr’s history of Avon’s men’s fragrances. This time, the Swinging Sixties!

Avon Mad Men - A Masculine Fragrance History : Part 1, The Early Years

by Derek Mohr, 12th March, 2019

Avon as a formerly door-to-door sales perfumer, was the direct-to-you cosmetics company for the average jane or joe. They don't get a lot of love because of their ubiquity, sometimes unoriginal style and price point, but there is a lot more history, creativity and innovation than you would imagine. Part one of a series looking at the history of Avon products for men