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Persolaise is a four-time Jasmine Award winning writer with a lifelong interest in the world of fine fragrance. His perfume guide, Le Snob: Perfume, is published in English by Hardie Grant and in German by Süddeutsche Zeitung. He has written for Sunday Times Style, Grazia, Glass, The Scented Letter and Now Smell This, amongst others.

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Givaudan Evaluator Interview part 1 - "Always Find Something Positive" Naila Hamayed

by Persolaise, 07th January, 2020

Over the last two decades - thanks at least in part to the efforts of websites like the one on which you’re reading these words - the role of the perfumer has enjoyed a higher profile amongst the general public. Not only do more people know that - surprise surprise - perfumes are composed by human beings. They’re increasingly …

Trusting The Customer - Emmanuelle Moeglin of Experimental Perfume Club on the Launch of Layers 02

by Persolaise, 14th May, 2019

Of all the perfume brands to have hit the market in recent years, perhaps the most innovative - or the most foolhardy, depending on how you look at it - is the London-based Experimental Perfume Club. Founded a mere four years ago by French, ISIPCA-trained, chemistry graduate Emmanuelle Moeglin, its retail product is essentially a make-your-own-blend kit. Called Layers, it consists of an empty bottle, a plastic dropper, an instruction booklet and three scents- a Top, a Mid and a Base - which can be worn as standalone fragrances, but which have also been orchestrated in such a way so that they can be combined with each other in any permutation the customer wishes.

The Best Perfumes of 2018, according to our contributors

31st December, 2018

As has become tradition, we ask our contributors, writers and forum moderators to look back at the last year and let us know which have been their best scents of 2018. If nothing wowed them in 2018 they could choose something new to them. Despite not going out of my way to smell new releases in 2018, I still managed to smell a few. Nic…

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The Best Perfumes of 2017 according to our contributors

30th December, 2017

As has become tradition, we ask our contributors, writers and forum moderators to look back at the last year and let us know which have been their best scents of 2017. If nothing wowed them in 2017 they could choose something new to them

Colours, shapes and emotions: an interview with Evody's Cérine Vasseur and perfumer Cecile Zarokian

by Persolaise, 21st December, 2017

Persolaise interviews Evody's Cérine Vasseur and perfumer Cecile Zarokian about the latest Evody trio: Collection Galerie.

What's Inside The Bottle: An Interview With Nicolas Chabot of Ćther

by Persolaise, 06th July, 2017

Persolaise talks to the founder of Aether about the brand's synthetic-only compositions.

Your Capacity To Last: Etienne De Swardt Launches Etat Libre D'Orange You Or Someone Like You

by Persolaise, 29th June, 2017

Persolaise catches up with Etat Libre D'Orange founder Etienne De Swardt about his collaboration with Chandler Burr.

A Reflection Of My Client: Nathalie Feisthauer At The UK Launch Of Pelargonium From Aedes De Venustas

by Persolaise, 09th June, 2017

Nathalie Feisthauer speaks to us about her latest creation for Aedes, Pelargonium - and reveals some of the back story behind the creation of the classic fragrance, Eau Des Merveilles.

The Odour Of War: Jean-Christophe Herault At The London Launch of Boucheron's La Collection

by Persolaise, 27th April, 2017

Jean-Christophe Herault: For this perfume I was inspired by a very personal experience - a trip to Egypt. I brought back a lot of feelings, a lot of memories of odours. The people there use very strong perfumes, a little bit like in the Middle East. When you're in the souq, you can smell things from the shops. When you're in t…

The best perfumes of 2016 according to our contributors

30th December, 2016

Our contributors look back at the best fragrances they've discovered in 2016

Our Best Fragrance Discoveries of 2015

30th December, 2015

We ask our contributors to look back on 2015 and reveal what their best fragrances of the year were.

Perfume As Jewellery - Harrods’ Head Of Beauty On The Salon De Parfums

by Persolaise, 04th June, 2015

Reactions have been mixed. Some have called it the best addition to the UK’s perfumery scene for years. Others have said that it’s pointless, unwelcoming and pretentious. But differing views aside, it seems reasonable to conclude that Harrods’ Salon De Parfums - which opened its doors in mid-October 2014 - has made quite an impression. Everyone who’s seen it has strong views on it. And those who haven’t yet seen it are eager to do so.