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As well as reporting for Basenotes, Carla is a Freelance fashion, art and fragrance journalist. Contributor for Twin, A Shaded View on Fashion, Dazed Digital and more.

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Eris Parfums' Founder Barbara Herman on the Enduring Power of Scented Seduction

by Carla Seipp, 17th June, 2021

Barbara Herman’s olfactory aesthetic is unapologetically glamourous. Basenotes last spoke to her in 2012, when she was blogging under Yesterday’s Perfume and several months shy of the release of Scent and Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume, an ode to fragrance in all its gender-bending, norm-defying glory. T…

Purity of Purpose: an interview with Christian Bohdan of Helio

by Carla Seipp, 29th January, 2021

The West Coast is most stereotypically known for a preconceived lifestyle of daily hikes, green juice galore and alternative spiritual practices. But how would one define the olfactory aesthetic of said region? One fragrance brand embraced this challenge, creating completely cliche-free scents in the process. Helio is the brainchild of…

Joseph Quartana of Six Scents Essentials on Ultra-Modern Gourmands and The Beauty of Duality

by Carla Seipp, 25th November, 2020

Designed by Rad Hourani and created by nose Christophe Raynaud, Ascent represents the life and death cycle via semen, baby powder, leather, and frankincense accords (olfactory equivalents to conception, infancy, middle-age, and death). It’s a slightly sweet musk that maintains a hint of darkness. “Ascent is the black sheep, so…

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Scent takes the stage: An interview with Sarah Baker

by Carla Seipp, 08th October, 2020

Fragrance has long been heralded as an art form, but for Sarah Baker this conviction is an especially paramount matter. Her background in fine art, courtesy of the San Francisco Art Institute and Goldsmiths College, paired with a perpetually curious mind, has resulted in the wonderfully eclectic body of work that is Sarah Baker Perfumes. Part curator, part creative, Bakerís lens on fragrance has birthed a diverse universe of scent.

Olfactory Adventures with 4160 Tuesdays' Sarah McCartney

by Carla Seipp, 06th July, 2020

Sarah McCartney is equal parts fragrance whimsy mixed with perfumery wisdom. As the founder of 4160Tuesdays, her creativity knows no bounds. Seaside mint chocolate chip ice cream cone? Give the delightful gourmand What I Did On My Holidays a try. A soul cleansing after a wild night out? Wash Me In The Water, bursting with mint, franki…

Geza SchŲn: Rebel With An Olfactory Cause

by Carla Seipp, 13th February, 2020

​Who says perfume canít be political? In some cases it may just be a pretty glass bottle with a generically pleasant-smelling liquid inside, but amongst the ever-expanding sea of new releases, something that is more than just a pretty proverbial face feels downright refreshing. One longtime crusader for this cause is Geza Schoen.

Unisex 2.0: The Bright and Bold World of KIERIN NYC

by Carla Seipp, 16th April, 2019

New York City: an endless flow of bright lights, frenetic energy and fast moving crowds clutching onto their grande lattes in a fabulous flurry of big-city madness. The city that never sleeps, where ambitious ingenues come to fulfil their dreams and a whirlwind life plays out amongst the skyscraper landscape. It is this megatropolis that inspired the birth of all-gender fragrance brand KIERIN NYC.

Pressing the Olfactory Reset Button

by Carla Seipp, 21st March, 2019

Top-notch raw materials were the reserve of the industry elite — until now. Ostens is the fragrance house of Laurent Delafon and Chris Yu, who as founders of United Perfumes have worked with brands such as Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Tom Dixon and Diptyque. Together with Laboratoire Monique Remy (LMR), the premium naturals divisio…

The Best Perfumes of 2018, according to our contributors

31st December, 2018

As has become tradition, we ask our contributors, writers and forum moderators to look back at the last year and let us know which have been their best scents of 2018. If nothing wowed them in 2018 they could choose something new to them. Despite not going out of my way to smell new releases in 2018, I still managed to smell a few. Nic…

A Tokyo Morning: Gallivantís Seventh Eau de Parfum Release

by Carla Seipp, 28th November, 2018

Since its initial launch last summer, Nick Steward’s line Gallivant has added three more cities for fragrance nomads to enjoy. Earlier this year the company launched Amsterdam and Berlin. The former is an intoxicatingly warm and creamy floral evoking a black tulip containing notes of saffron, amber and musk; the latter is an indu…

IFF Launches Post-Modern Fine Fragrance Collection

by Carla Seipp, 08th May, 2018

  International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF), Laboratoire Monique Rémy (LMR) and Christopher Yu & Laurent Delafon of United Perfumes gave a special sneak peek at the Post-Modern Fine Fragrance collection during a Speed Smelling event at Claridge’s in West London. While the complete series is comprised of 14…

The Best Perfumes of 2017 according to our contributors

30th December, 2017

As has become tradition, we ask our contributors, writers and forum moderators to look back at the last year and let us know which have been their best scents of 2017. If nothing wowed them in 2017 they could choose something new to them