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"We Know How To Defend Ourselves" – Chantal & Alexandra Roos at the London Launch of Dear Rose

by Persolaise, 23rd October, 2014

It’s difficult to decide how to start an interview with Chantal Roos. Although her name may not be well known, her work couldn’t be more famous. Ask someone to list the most successful perfumes of the last 40 years, and it’s likely that Opium, Kouros, Paris, L’Eau D’Issey and Gaultier’s Classique and Le Male will come up. It just so happe…

Podcast #3: The Art Perfumes Formerly Known as Niche

19th September, 2014

In the third episode of The Basenotes Podcast our panel discuss the idea of “niche” in perfumery – can we define what is, and what isn’t niche? We also smell the Bacon Candle mentioned in Ep. 1, talk about Frazzles (again), and whether Callum would use it as a ‘bedroom candle’. Plus The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Anosmia – Don’t take your noses for granted!

by Get Lippie, 18th June, 2014

There’s a funny thing about noses: Everyone smells things differently. Every single olfactory experience is unique to the person smelling it. That’s astonishing when you think about it; 100 people smelling the same rose will experience that smell in their own, particular, way. How they experience that rose’s scent will d…

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Interview with Robin K of Now Smell This

by Grant Osborne, 28th April, 2014

If you like fragrance and hang around the internet, then you probably will have come across Robin K's Now Smell This. The site is one of the longest-running fragrance blogs, and next year will celebrate its tenth year. We spoke to Robin at the end of last year to find out how she got started, how she keeps going, and plans for the future.…

Basenotes' Favourite Fragrance Discoveries of 2013

31st December, 2013

On more *popular* territories, Tom Ford's Sahara Noir setted up a new standard for incense-centered fragrances by introducing what's probably the most straight-forward incense since Norma Kamali's infamous Incense. Neela Vermeire has setted the bar so high with her former trio of fragrances and I've been more than glad to …

A visit to the Roullier White store and an interview with its founder

by Joshua Ang, 21st December, 2013

Stepping off the bus and into Roullier White was a magical experience. Perfume bottles from all over the world stood on racks of tall wooden shelves, alongside candles, soaps and shampoos, jars of preserve and chutney, pajamas and many other lifestyle products [sidenote: Roullier White bills itself as a lifestyle boutique where you can fi…

The relaunch of Indult

17th December, 2013

Many people that come to Basenotes end up acquiring more perfume bottles than they originally intended. One member, kccparis, went a step further and bought a perfume house: Indult. We caught up with him a few weeks ago when he was in London and he told us the story of how he relaunched the brand. A few years ago I stumbled upon Ba…

Who Smells So Great? - Perfume And Fifty Years Of Doctor Who

by Persolaise, 20th November, 2013

Unless you've spent the last few months held hostage in E-Space by a horde of Marshmen, you'll be well aware that a British television institution is about to celebrate an important milestone. Doctor Who, the time-travelling sci-fi series which embarked on its first voyage on the 23rd of November 1963 has reached the half-cent…

An Interview with Christopher Sheldrake - Perfumer and Director of Research & Development at Chanel

by Grant Osborne, 28th May, 2013

I admit, I was a bit nervous about this meeting. I was at Chanel HQ in Paris -- everyone is impeccably dressed. I felt somewhat out of place when I arrive in cherry red Dr Marten boots, torn jeans, and a t-shirt with a logo of a famous fragrance on it. I was here to meet Christopher Sheldrake – Perfumer, and Director of Research and Devel…

Everything's Coming Up Roses Event Report from Perfume Lovers London

by Lila Das Gupta, 15th May, 2013

This event was presented by Andy Bradshaw with assistance from Lila Das Gupta. The evening started with Andy reciting a poem called 'Roses' by George Eliot:You love the roses - so do I. I wish The sky would rain down roses, as they rain From off the shaken bush. Why will it not? Then all the valley would be pink and white And soft to trea…

Ask Christopher Sheldrake your questions!

by Grant Osborne, 01st May, 2013

Basenotes has an exciting opportunity to interview Chanel perfumer Christopher Sheldrake. We know that many of our readers are big fans of his work, and would like to offer you the opportunity to ask him your questions.Sheldrake is Chanel's director of research and development and works alongside Jacques Polges. Previously Sheldrake had w…

Basenotes Reader Awards 2013 - Finalists Announced.

27th March, 2013

Basenotes is pleased to announced the finalists of the 2013 Reader Awards. The Basenotes Reader Awards are the chance for fragrance consumers to decide which fragrances are the best of last year. Below is a slideshow of the finalists, followed by a text list. Basenotes Reader Awards 2013 : Finalists from basenotes Best New Fragranc…