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Such a long time .......

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Goodness, i can't believe how long it is since i was here on Basenotes. Well, for any length of time, that is. I am so busy these days.

I came, ostensibly, to do an advanced fragrance search, and decided i'd attempt to update my wardrobe. Huh! I am daunted by the task, while i mentally browse the collection, now housed downstairs in the spare room, on industrial shelving. I was looking for a violet-laden, iris, opoponax patchouli type of fragrance, and was not coming up with much other than Delicious Closet Queen, and i'm not prepared to do a blind buy.

So i've abandoned that search, and i noticed that Alaskan Basenoters group has grown to 3, in my absence, and there's even a post!!

I've been very busy with Facebook Fragrance groups, selling decants, and also Ebay, where i was awarded Powerseller status, and advanced to the rank of Top Rated Seller, however, as most of you are aware, it's a risky business, selling decants on Ebay, as it violates their TOS.

Long story short, it's my belief, that a jealous competitor reported me, my prices were significantly lower than others for the same item, and so i was selling a lot. Taking away someones business is a sure fire way to annoy someone. Anyway, i had 51 listings taken down, and a restriction slapped on my account. I can only sell 8 items per month, in that particular category. I eventually got over my resentment, and that's when i began selling on the Facebook groups.

During that time, my olfactory preferences seemed to be undergoing a transformation, on a journey of their own, kind of thing. I was very linear in my preferences, for extremely woody and resinous fragrances, went right off fruity, floral, and gourmand smells. I now find myself in a very floral/resinous stage, and i am obsessed with violet, (and violet leaf) iris, opoponax, galbanum, labdanum, and i still love oud, depending on it's presentation. I thought i hated rose, but found myself being more and more drawn to it, over the course of extensive sampling.

But violet, violet is the current obsession. I just adore it. And i wish i still had some vintage Le Dix extrait left, that stuff was lovely skanky violet, deep, mysterious, and sexy. Feminine, innocent, but yet a bit strumpetty, like wearing a tighly laced corset, but with loads of boobs spilling out the top. A nicely turned ankle, clad in a laced up black leather boot, peeping from below a dainty feminine frock, but you lift the skirt, and those sensible boots are thigh high. That kind of thing. SL Bois De Violette also has that kind of a quality, but in a different way. Its woody and earthy, not skanky and bold like the Le Dix. Although, to compare an extrait, with a EDP, is a little unfair.

So anyway, i have a saved search on Ebay, for the day, that some unknowing person, lists their Granny's Le Dix extrait for ten dollars, and then kicks themselves in horrified realisation, when i jump on it, and they realise how much everyone else is selling it for. It's a long shot, but i live in hope. In the meantime, i'm consoling myself with TF Violet Blonde, as i've also ran out of BDV, and that one is not exactly cheap either, and i didn't love it as much as Le Dix

I'm sorry i abandoned you for so long Basenotes - "it's not you...... It's me" i sneaked back and used you several times, and that makes me feel ashamed. I hope you'll take me back?...

Thanks for bearing with my rambling, it's good to be back



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