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Basenotes Orientation Day

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Hopefully this page will help answer all the questions you may have about what has happened to Basenotes. The big issue at the moment is that there are lots of things missing. I'll do my best to communicate with you dates and times when I know them. Some things may take longer to re-appear than others.

For those of you that are unaware, this version of the site is running on the software that we used previous to May 2013. From May 2013 to October 2013, the site was running on proprietary software in partnership with Huddler.

Your User Account

If you were a Basenotes member with an account before 15th May 2013

Members who have been a member of Basenotes before 15th May 2013 will have their account exactly as it was on 15th May. If you've changed your password since then, you will have to log-in with your previous password.

If you cannot remember you password, you can find out more about getting it reset here.

You can change your avatar, email address, password and other element of your password in your settings page.

If you joined Basenotes between 15th May and 1st October 2013.

We have imported your account from Huddler to this site. Because we are unable to transfer passwords from Huddler as they are encrypted, you will need to reset your password, which you can do here.

If you joined Basenotes after 3rd October 2013.

We're very sorry, but we may not have been able to import your account as yet. Have a look in our member directory for your chosen username. If it exists, then we have, and you can gain access to it by reseting your password.

We will endeavour to import the remaining users to Basenotes as soon as we are able. We will post a timelines on this page when we know. If you do not intend to post in the immediate future, you may wish to hold on a bit.

However, if you are itching to make a post about the latest in Aventus batch numbers, feel free to go ahead and register a new account (once we have switched on new registrations). Once we have everything imported we should be able to merge both of them.

Currently Missing Data

It is understandable that some of you are wishing to know when things will return to the site. Because the Huddler software stored the data in a different way to how we used to and there is no documentation about restoring it to the previous schema, it isn't as plain-sailing as we would like.

Non User-Generated Content

99% of the non-user generated content from the site, should already be here. By "Non user-generated content" we mean thing we added to the site, such as fragrances in the database, feature articles and news posts.

User-Generated Content

By user-generated content we mean things our members have created or generated, such as reviews, comments, forum posts, private messages, post counts, itrader feedback, wardrobes etc. These will be uploaded as soon as we are able, but we can't give an exact time-line at the moment.

However, we have most of the forum posts from the last 6 months archived in the Temporary Huddler Archive section, should you need to reference them before they are converted over properly.

(I should note, that when I say 'missing', I mean 'missing from the site', I don't mean 'missing' as in 'lost')

Basenotes Plus

Hello to Basenotes Plus members!

Firstly, thank you for being a Basenotes Plus member. Your support has helped the site stay around and evolve over the years.

Secondly, the Basenotes Plus membership system wasn't always properly working on Huddler, so because of this we are giving anyone who had a Plus Membership during the Huddler period and extra six months of membership.

Thirdly, we have reduced the price of Basenotes Plus membership for new members. As a result, we have extended your existing membership a pro-rata amount so that you have paid the same rate as new members. This is on top of the 6 months extra. (By the way, I've worked all these out manually on a case-by-case basis -- if you don't think it looks like you have enough time added -- you can view when it ends on this page here -- then please let me know. If it looks like you have too much, then maybe keep it to yourself!)

Lastly, because Paypal won't let us extend subscriptions, we have had to cancel all of the Paypal agreements, so when your membership comes to an end it won't autorenew. If you wish to remain a member after your subscription period you can simply sign up again.

If you are not a Basenotes Plus member and want to find out what it's all about, you can have a look here.


We no longer have a mobile web version of the site. However, once we have the data conversion sorted out, this is one of the things we will be giving priority to.

In the meantime, you should be able to access the site on your mobile device using these apps: (Update -- none of these appear to be working for Basenotes at the moment, I'm looking into this now)


We are currently using the default search for vBulletin, which isn't the best thing in the world. If you are looking for fragrances, use the fragrance directory rather than vBulletin search, as that will only index forums, blogs, articles etc


The site may be a bit slow at first as the server is likely to take a hammering, with people requesting passwords. This should stabilise though.

Questions / errors / etc

We know there is lot to do still. But, if you wish to ask a question or report a bug, the best place is in our community centre forum here, or contact us using this form.

Updated 12th November 2013 at 09:38 PM by Grant

Behind the Scenes


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  1. heo's Avatar
    great effort !

    not all trade feedback is there yet...
  2. Grant's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by heo
    great effort !

    not all trade feedback is there yet...
    No it won't be yet -- I'll make a note of that above, thanks for the reminder
  3. Marais's Avatar
    Well done! Out with the new, in with the old!
  4. fitch256's Avatar
    Nevermind, found answer!
  5. Buysblind's Avatar
    Private Messages: Any idea when they will be restored? I'm sure many people have some very important information in the form of PM's that they need access to, especially regarding the marketplace, swaps, splits, etc.
  6. pkiler's Avatar
    Just great to be here, and BTW, Get some sleep Grant! :-)
  7. aphexacid's Avatar
    This is like finding your favorite jacket from high school....and it still fits! Lol

    Thank you Grant!

    Is the homepage supposed to not be working?
  8. lpp's Avatar
    It's fine now, aphexacid - if u click on the green bottle thing it goes there.
  9. Brian_Towers's Avatar
    So far so good, best transition ever.
  10. remik's Avatar
    Nope, still getting this:

    Bad Request

    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.
    Cookie: __qca=P0-1652430569-1350276648794; %26rct%3Dj%26q%3D%26esrc%3Ds%26source%3Dweb%26cd%3 D8%26ved%3D0CH8QFjAH%26url%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fww QjCNGNxlq89a-NU3q7b4bebk1cUkgPOw%26sig2%3DMW0GSnPKGWiHw1g6sJTTS Q; _fm_crowdscience=csseg=A7CA680271; bb_userid=13391879; bb_password=884bc746827dfee36b44d21d06378452; bb_blog_lastview=3d0f77e0d128a52823472f60ca05793a2 c4a5530a-7-%7Bi-1333_i-1315998752_i-198_i-1227942330_i-3791_i-1355258186_i-2422_i-1353413393_i-4188_i-1358053740_i-4172_i-1358483119_i-4171_i-1358483121_%7D; __gads=ID=35430033d2a92818:T=1365381978:S=ALNI_MYi X6sFCRPys6sV6gtyowJgzEMHNA; flt.vid=411bf2239fe4265899d867d8cc283d4e; editor_height=qr%23801px%3Afe%23607px%3Aqe%23352px ; bb_forum_view=a3b80ff871b2bb7b15dc72839028061604f7 244ca-6-%7Bi-30_i-1355786034_i-31_i-1355785864_i-142_i-1355785916_i-27_i-1362899310_i-107_i-1367793050_i-24_i-1368320145_%7D; bb_thread_lastview=e3fcf45fc3bfa7a5c8248ea37b40e1f 2f683ed41a-181-%7Bi-313948_i-1351032509_i-313970_i-1351032487_i-312737_i-1351031166_i-314035_i-1351034631_i-313759_i-1351792734_i-313541_i-1351367484_i-313415_i-1350432276_i-305465_i-1352993100_i-313665_i-1351777560_i-314525_i-1351613393_i-314578_i-1352237087_i-314636_i-1351839306_i-314584_i-1351839305_i-261144_i-1353773347_i-314538_i-1351621680_i-314823_i-1352162107_i-314325_i-1351480915_i-313579_i-1350626564_i-315010_i-1352163806_i-313514_i-1352255765_i-271208_i-1350767748_i-314370_i-1351477154_i-311862_i-1350615389_i-313590_i-1351183750_i-211407_i-1364120923_i-314086_i-1351138115_i-313355_i-1352711663_i-312817_i-1351530798_i-315539_i-1352647823_i-314987_i-1352338607_i-310302_i-1351543181_i-308081_i-1350706978_i-314805_i-1351987467_i-315613_i-1352871241_i-315705_i-1352837065_i-308857_i-1351000404_i-311714_i-1350990658_i-301699_i-1351481235_i-290665_i-1351947690_i-315045_i-1352219127_i-314237_i-1351301583_i-310182_i-1351442525_i-315722_i-1352961114_i-315840_i-1353031662_i-315877_i-1353834667_i-315592_i-1356736906_i-316054_i-1353258477_i-316272_i-1353439084_i-307319_i-1353436397_i-316372_i-1355509602_i-320481_i-1357679496_i-320847_i-1358302197_i-321211_i-1358404515_i-321203_i-1358405502_i-321377_i-1358538884_i-320784_i-1358963717_i-322388_i-1359257704_i-303497_i-1359311149_i-315087_i-1359742123_i-325369_i-1361658701_i-325523_i-1361658526_i-325516_i-1361814938_i-198337_i-1361661797_i-325480_i-1361750581_i-324858_i-1361663873_i-325283_i-1361680899_i-325668_i-1361816502_i-325660_i-1361814292_i-325642_i-1361813650_i-325738_i-1361812769_i-325526_i-1361812752_i-324203_i-1361828905_i-325745_i-1361840287_i-325809_i-1361840046_i-325610_i-1361839810_i-325082_i-1361841359_i-325736_i-1361838681_i-325586_i-1361837492_i-325763_i-1361837216_i-325799_i-1361836393_i-325860_i-1361944102_i-327106_i-1362267305_i-328586_i-1362888386_i-314022_i-1363144885_i-312692_i-1363144716_i-329152_i-1363145800_i-328700_i-1363145194_i-328832_i-1363139473_i-328657_i-1363207745_i-329629_i-1363242870_i-329557_i-1363241775_i-320704_i-1363240565_i-329616_i-1363240006_i-329938_i-1363480554_i-330762_i-1363480039_i-331202_i-1363621028_i-330873_i-1363572045_i-330995_i-1363570722_i-333125_i-1363919096_i-333342_i-1363918534_i-333087_i-1363919242_i-333333_i-1363919368_i-334123_i-1363978008_i-332928_i-1363978273_i-319418_i-1363977888_i-333962_i-1363977854_i-335342_i-1364082352_i-335165_i-1364082181_i-335146_i-1364082048_i-332248_i-1364081833_i-335558_i-1364081016_i-335696_i-1364080094_i-334197_i-1364079581_i-336902_i-1364199719_i-337417_i-1364269550_i-254693_i-1364242586_i-337718_i-1364242869_i-337552_i-1364242246_i-322818_i-1364584742_i-337742_i-1364246042_i-337751_i-1364245524_i-337688_i-1364245249_i-341901_i-1364829756_i-342336_i-1364837758_i-342307_i-1364837307_i-342380_i-1365043521_i-320817_i-1365043282_i-344479_i-1365139850_i-344299_i-1365134770_i-344457_i-1365129487_i-344452_i-1365118424_i-341405_i-1365113498_i-346932_i-1365403362_i-346778_i-1365402453_i-346676_i-1366329344_i-349313_i-1365571818_i-349340_i-1365571295_i-349354_i-1365794177_i-349501_i-1365570612_i-301875_i-1365569576_i-348464_i-1365567993_i-350628_i-1365635213_i-350483_i-1365682402_i-318274_i-1365635014_i-350422_i-1365799591_i-351549_i-1365720752_i-351638_i-1366992896_i-351641_i-1365738726_i-352354_i-1366012569_i-352311_i-1365805110_i-352441_i-1365820107_i-352504_i-1365819741_i-352651_i-1365872054_i-353451_i-1366012285_i-319085_i-1366012257_i-355732_i-1366335831_i-355548_i-1366336509_i-301948_i-1366335130_i-357015_i-1366336429_i-319056_i-1366333607_i-357637_i-1366416085_i-357684_i-1366416077_i-357725_i-1366415722_i-284583_i-1366415205_i-359545_i-1366502698_i-358041_i-1366502591_i-357816_i-1366502139_i-357945_i-1366502110_i-357957_i-1366501636_i-358144_i-1366501620_i-358767_i-1366611107_i-358921_i-1366501141_i-358245_i-1366500768_i-354885_i-1366499252_i-355730_i-1366566107_i-360056_i-1366566086_i-359976_i-1366565655_i-307958_i-1366575640_i-359572_i-1367356721_i-360104_i-1366573835_i-359826_i-1366573145_%7D; 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    Apache/2.2.19 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.19 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_bwlimited/1.4 PHP/5.2.17 Server at Port 80

    Am I the only one who feels this is a major step back? No pun intended. This move back does not feel smart to me... the site is dog slow, just like in the olden days, missing a lot of features, doesn't have mobile friendly interface anymore (which I used 99.99% of the time), lots of content is missing and likely will never make it back to the old system (feedback, PMs, etc)... The move's been made before to a newer, faster system, with more mobile friendly options - so this now feels like three steps back. Why? Why not use the new FAST and stable system, with mobile accessibility, and just add the old content in a new way, rather than going back to old, slow, outdated, unfriendly code?

    Sorry for being negative, just a wee bit frustrated with what I perceive as unnecessary transition to the clunky old system that was a pain to use, and by the looks of it, will be just as slow as before. Not meaning to offend the site operators, I'm sure you are working your asses off to get this all working smoothly, just not understanding the logic behind moving forward, then back. I may be in the minority on this one, perhaps, so please forgive my negativity on this subject.

    If you do need a solid hosting platform, feel free to PM me or email me, I'd volunteer my services (I own not one, but two web hosting companies... <hint><hint>)
  11. remik's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Brian_Towers
    best transition ever.
    Really? Every time I refresh a page I get server errors, bad requests, redirects to default cPanel home page, etc. Have not been able to use the site at all today. I know it takes time, but... something like this should have been done on a brand new set of servers in the background, make sure it works, then flip the switch on the domain name to resolve to the new servers.
  12. fitch256's Avatar
    ^^ Unfortunately I have to echo this. I really didn't have a problem with the new (old) system and this all seems like a needless headache, especially for us splitters and sellers who have ongoing transactions that are getting held up in limbo because of lost PMs, threads that are gone, etc.

    Also, I cannot adjust the settings to stop getting emails every time someone responds to this thread.
  13. Descartes's Avatar
    I agree 100% with remik ,"just not understanding the logic behind moving forward, then back.a big step back " ,you made a big big mess. I don't get it .My goodness! the old site is back..... you are so amateur....
  14. remik's Avatar
    Site operators - to fix that "Size of a request header field exceeds server limit" error message that comes up 95% of the time, edit the Apache config file and increase LimitRequestFieldSize to something (much) bigger, then restart the httpd services. This should at least let the site stay up and load real content, not the error page after error page.

    Hope this helps.
  15. lpp's Avatar
    Which page are you trying to load, remik?
  16. Ursula's Avatar
    Thanks for doing the switch back. It feels good to be "home". Nice and familiar and simple and easy.
  17. remik's Avatar - redirects to - generates the error posted above.

    If I change it manually to - same results.

    The above URL did work, on and off, about 30 minutes ago. Mostly off, but every now and then it would load.

    The links at the top "Welcome... Notifications... Your Profile... Your Wardrobe... Settings..." - they work now, 3:33pm PST, but 15 minutes ago all were going to an error page OR cPanel default site page.
  18. lpp's Avatar
    That's weird - I just copy/pasted from your post & it loaded fine & the link just worked as well.
    Sorry you're having a problem, maybe someone techy can advise.
  19. LizardKing's Avatar
    scent of the day is not accurate, missing a lot of the recent stuff. I can live with it but please no more switching around.
  20. fitch256's Avatar
    Can someone please post how to stop receiving an email every single time someone responds to this thread? The unsubscribe to blog post option is not working and I've disabled every possible receive email notification in my settings, yet I'm still getting spammed to hell by these emails. Very frustrating.
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