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Mystery of Musk

Verdigris - Green Desires

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Perfumer : Elise Pearlstine of Bellyflowers Perfumes ,Florida


Top: Fir balsam absolute, green mandarin essential oil, clary sage essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil
Heart: Lavender absolute, clary sage absolute, violet leaf absolute, opoponax absolute
Base: Patchouli essential oil, ambergris tincture, labdanum absolute, African Stone tincture, benzoin

A scent of dark green –brown color, the smell when I unscrewed the top of my sample bottle was promising. Potently aromatic, cool and savory green .Verdigris is a wonderful name for this fragrance. Named after the vivid, distinctive green patina that forms on weathered bronze, brass and copper, verdigris is also a green pigment that was used by artists.

My scent journey with Verdigris began with a wonderful stringent burst of fir- vegetal- green, rich and balsamic with green mandarin, a slight hint of clary sage . The top notes are almost salty, medicinal, herbaceous but in a very bracing and positive way. It’s a refreshing start, brisk and cool. Mind clearing and calming. Though I speak of freshness in the top notes, Verdigris has a smoothness about it and it seems I smell ambergris from nearly the very beginning. The beginning is almost’ otherworldly’ to me as I find it such a mental lift and a comfort.

After the initial bright green of the top notes, the fragrance digs in deep and changes .Even as the fir note lifts, the scent remains bracing , non sweet, the deeply musky notes emerge and take over – ambergris is shining warmly here. Dark, smooth, some labdanum is present. A green-earthiness comes through with violet leaf . I feel like I am lying face down in a field and inhaling.

Sillage is evident from time to time- it’s dark, vegetal incense and musk. The dry down loses some intensity after about half an hour. Verdigris settles down as a light, sharpish, green and resinous fragrance with wafts of incense and light musk powder.

I find there is an elegance to it all. I wore Verdigris several times and longevity is about 4 hours on average. At the two hour mark, it’s a soft green musk scent- pleasant and warm. Overnight, it’s virtually gone- I can detect a faint trace on my skin if I look for it. Slightly broody, skin- sexy with the musk and yet with elements of spirituality, Verdigris is unusual .

Updated 30th June 2010 at 06:04 PM by Mimi Gardenia

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  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    I loved this line:

    "I feel like I am lying face down in a field and inhaling."

    Absolutely. The green and the earth are powerful and unapologetic. It's nature in the face.

    I thought it was interesting how we sense a lot of the same notes, but in different proportions. For me, the clary sage is overpowering, but it's a bit actor for you. And in my case, ambergris is always barely there, even in ambergris-centric fragrances, but you pick it up really easily. I think this shows why people need to pay attention to multiple reviewers, and not listen to any one of them to the exclusion of others. We have our scent idiosyncrasies, and it's not always easy to know where those are.

    And before I forget - nice review, too!
  2. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    Oh this one is so yummy in the top notes , Redneck ! I think I do pick up the ambergris a lot which I just love. I did not find the clary sage overpowering- it was just a good touch . You know, I feel so happy and lucky to have experienced such talent in the perfumes I have sampled.


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