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Andy Tauer, 4160 Tuesdays and other sniffs

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Here is evidence of a gigantic sniffathon yesterday. These are only the ones I took on card, so missing about five times as many that were merely smelled directly from the spray tops.

4160 Tuesdays (coloured ones), Bentley x 2, Frederick Malle, Roja x 6, Bvgari x 3,
YSL x 3, Tauer x 4, Atkinsons x 2, Tom Ford x 2, Loewe x 3, Lancome, Lalique, Boadicea The Victorious..... (can elaborate if you wish)

The morning was spent happily chatting to Sarah McCarney of 4160 Tuesdays. She was incredibly welcoming, despite having just come back from a trip and was very busy packing things to export. Her studio is a wonderful cornucopian den of bits and pieces in a riot of colours. A complete must go place for one of her wonderful evenings as soon as possible. For a vintage fiend like me, her wall of scent is to die for. If i'd had a bag big enough and a large van, the shelves would be very clean indeed. I shall have to book myself a seated space next to it for about two months and work my way along the wonderful packets and bottles, one by one..... I wish....

Next step was a split mission. Off to Harrods with a purpose, but then to just be standing in wonder in their huge perfume hall. It really has to be seen to be believed. I didn't think to take a pic because my lower jaw was trailing on the floor. Oodles of SA's like an army of spraying mantis's, each ready to cover you at the sign of a momentary flinch. I was on a split mission so locating the Lancôme counter was my target. This was the fun bit....

'Would madam like to try anything?'..... 'No thank you, I would like to buy something'.... How I enjoyed that little moment. Thank you fellow splitters for that nano of pure joy. Childish... yes! In the green bag it went and I was busy sniffing the rest of the lancome counter. Armed with a new daring born of purchase, I asked if they had any other samples. No, but would I like these anti ageing cosmetic samples....

... the skin is too mature to get offended. In the bag..... Thank you.... death to wrinkles.

The time.... Andy Tauer is due at Les Senteurs at 5 and it's ten to... I'm not rushing and looking too Just joking. I didn't. Got to Marble Arch and managed to get led by the phone map auto idiot to the middle of a block of flats. That served me right for not looking at the real map beforehand. I walked all the way to the wrong end of Seymour Street before realising no 2 was the other end. Dippy bint.

I entered, rather hotter and a little more flustered than the cool cucumber creature I had intended to be. What a fabulous place it is there. An oasis for the perfume inclined. Andy was well ensconced in a chat already. Callum welcomed people in and made us feel so welcome. Then arrived the very handsome gandhajala (pre-arranged because we've often chatted but never met) who introduced himself and we set about sniffing things in earnest. He has a fine detectives nose for ingredients. Most admirable. He then whizzed off for some supper. The place slowly filled up. Persolaise was there because he's doing a super article on Andy. All sorts of lovely people were sniffing and chatting together. I didn't know anyone by face of course, but this day was already my idea of paradise.

I met the lovely creator of the perfume, Ex Idolo, thirty three, Matthew Zhuk. We happily chatted for ages about special ingredients and regs and all sorts. Only pausing because it was time for Andy's presentation of his new perfume Gardenia Sotto la luna. A first in a series that marks a bit of a departure from his style. This is a softer and more rounded perfume, really quite a change from the more woody things I knew by smell.

Then more chattings. Andy is a real sweetie to meet in the flesh. He genuinely is passionate about what he does and I loved that. A true artist. We chatted on perfume, ingredients and painting. He was really encouraging towards Matthew and myself. Not at all guarded about any useful information for other perfumers. So refreshing to meet somebody so genuine and kind. There really is room for everyone in this world.

I met a lovely lady from IFRA who managed in a few concise sentences to completely influence my views on the matter. I won't go into IFRA stuff here, but needless to say it was fascinating.

Lots more chattings and smellings..... all evening long until it looked as if the staff and Andy needed to go. Callum and the others are really lovely and I have promised to go back with some seriously stinky tinctures and ingredients to talk about.....

Loads more to say and so much to tell but this is a first blog and I then had a long drive home, so that's it for a mo. I started this as a post and realised it was just going to be too long.....

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  1. gandhajala's Avatar
    Mumsy. It was great to meet you and have the chance to sniff your hyraceum tincture. You're every bit as lovely in person as you are one here.
  2. mumsy's Avatar
    You're not bad yourself hun. It was a really nice gathering with lovely people. I think a London sniffathon meet up should become something that happens now and again. I'm game. x


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