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The Quest For THE Vetiver Cologne Day 13

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Day #13: Frangrance - Jo Malone Vetyver.
My Ratings: Scent - 6/10. Overall - 4/10.

Sharp Vetiver with orange. When you first smell this fragrance that is the overwhelming scent that you get. I like the smell but there is something in the opening that kept me from loving it. I think Vetiver was just a bit too sharp without anything helping to curve it. The citrus in it just makes it slightly more harsh or adds even more of a bite. Surprisingly it dries down to a pretty clean smelling Vetiver with a slight spice note and just stays like that. Not a complex fragrance.

The bigger issue is once the citrus dries away the fragrance just doesn't have good performance. It sits slightly above skin scent for 30 minutes to an hour and then just kind of is barely there the rest of the time. I could pick up traces of it 4-5 hours later but only digging my nose really into the spray spot and really smelling hard. I see this fragrance for someone who likes Vetiver and wants a super citrus blast that is slightly more harsh than refreshing. I could see it being used in the hottest part of the summer. However, wherever you go you're going to have to keep a decant of this with you and constantly be applying it. I do have another cologne that I'd recommend instead of this one though: St James of London Mandarin & Patchouli. You get a lot of orange in the opening but instead of going more sharp and harsh the Patchouli helps keep it feeling more on the fresh side. It also projects off the skin a lot better than this cologne. It does run into some longevity issues because orange notes just don't last a super long time but it's cheap enough you can carry it around with you and not worry about reapplying.

My Wife's Rating: 5/10.

She thought this one was just a bit too harsh. She didn't hate the scent but the harshness kept her from loving it. It didn't help that she had to dig her nose into my skin to smell it and she complained about its projection. Because of the similarities to St James of London Mandarin & Patchoulii decided to blind test both of these fragrances with her so I sprayed each one on an arm and let her smell. Overwhelmingly she picked Mandarin & Patchouli. She absolutely loved it and kept saying it smelled "sooooo good." She just shook her head "No" when she smelled Jo Malone Vetyver and said she didn't hate it but "there is no comparison".

So my recommendation is if you want a strong orange based fragrance try Mandarin & Patchouli edc first. It's not expensive and is a great fragrance. If I didn't already have it in my collection I might have liked Jo Malone Vetyver more than I did but I simply think there is a better option out there in smell and performance.

Next Fragrance Review: Prada Infusion de Vetiver.



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