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The Quest For THE Vetiver Cologne Day 16

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Day #16: Fragrance - Guerlain Vetiver.
My Ratings: Scent - 7/10. Overall - 7/10.

A perfectly solid Vetiver. Opens with a semi sharp blast of Vetiver and spice woods. As it dries down the bitter blast at the beginning disappears and you are left with an earthy Vetiver with spice and wood. Comes off as a classic Vetiver. Not world shattering awesome but good.

Overall performance was good. Projection and longevity was as expected. If I don't have a lot to say about this fragrance it's because I wasn't super moved by it. I thought it was good and classic but I guess so many of the other vetivers have come along since that it's hard to appreciate this one as much as it probably deserves. For the classic gentleman who loves Vetiver.

My Wife's Rating: Scent - 6/10.

She thought it was alright but preferred Vetiver Vert for its spicy wood with orange scent. Said the performance was good compared to some of the others. She, like me didn't have a lot to say about this one.

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