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The Quest For THE Vetiver Cologne Day 18

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Day #18: Frangrance - Givenchy Vetyver.
My Ratings: Scent - 9/10. Overall - 7/10.

This is a really good smelling fragrance. When I first sprayed it on I actually said under my breath, "Whoa, this is good." I found myself becoming self-conscious at different times during the day because while walking in public I kept lifting the back of my hand up to smell the scent. To me, this is a more refined Guerlain Vetiver. Slightly citrusy, slightly woody, just enough earthy Vetiver; all blended together to create an almost "smooth" scent. With some other vetivers you have harsh citrus, bitter Vetiver, spicy woods all playing off of each other to almost attack your nose screaming "smell me". If that is the Daniel Craig version of James Bond, Givenchy Vetyver is the Sean Connery version of Bond. Smooth, not overly complex, but confident and not needing to be so in your face.

Which leads me to my only negative of this fragrance. It's so laid back and so smooth that it doesn't project enough for me. Even when applied to my neck I couldn't smell it unless I brought my hand to my nose. It's such a hard balance because what makes this Vetiver so interesting and so refreshing compared to others also hinders it for me. Longevity was fine, it just mainly stayed as a skin scent on me. I think it has enough going on that it's a pretty good year round fragrance. This is a perfect scent for someone who wants smooth woody Vetiver that isn't going to choke people out. If you wear your scents just for yourself you will enjoy this almost as a "hidden treat". Just be sure and not make yourself look crazy in public by constantly smelling your arm.

My Wife's Rating: Scent - 7/10.

She liked the scent but said she is now really struggling to pick up unique things in all of these colognes. She has basically been smelling vetivers everyday for 3 weeks now and she is at the point where she says, "It's good but how do I know it's better than what I smelled 11 days ago?" I understand this point. So many of these Vetiver colognes are built around the same notes that I spend hours a day smelling and thinking just to make sure of what I'm actually picking up. She liked this but wasn't moved like she was with some other ones. She thought it was just good.

Next Fragrance Review: Mona di Orio Les Nombres d'Or Vetyver.



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