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The Quest For THE Vetiver Cologne Day 20

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Day #20: Fragrance - Le Labo Vetyver 46.
My Ratings: Scent - 7/10. Overall - 8/10.

This is another citrus, spicy, woody, earthy Vetiver. It's very much in the same vein as Cezch & Specke Vetiver Vert. The biggest different to my nose is Vetyver 46 doesn't have as much bitter orange and Vetiver in the opening. Instead it relies more on the spicy wood - cedar or sandalwood. In my mind these two fragrances are like different sides to the same coin and which you like more will probably come down to whether you like the citrus in Vetiver Vert or the cedar in Vetyver 46 more. For my money I like both but think I give the slight edge to Vetiver Vert. Don't hesitate to try to try either though. I think this one is still a good Vetiver. As it dries down you start to get a little more warmth and floral notes coming out, but that pepper and cedar stay strong throughout this one. Especially the cedar.

Overall, I'm very happy to say performance on this one was excellent. I'm so happy to be able to actually increase a score because performance was just that good. I used hand sanitizer, washed my hand with soap - multiple times, and even 10 hours later I can still slightly pick it up on my hand. On my neck where I sprayed I can still catch whiffs of it as I love around. Just outstanding performance on my skin. Because of not having as much citrus coming out, and more cedar - pepper notes I think this cologne leans more fall/winter. If I had to say who this would be for I think, while Vetiver Vert is more year round, this is for the person who want a spicy, woody, winter Vetiver. This is strong enough to still work out well in cold weather. While I put it firmly in the "good" category I could definitely see some people who live in colder climates really digging this fragrance a lot and rocking it almost like a signature scent.

My Wifey's Rating: Scent - 7/10.

My wife thought this was a good overall scent. She didn't love it and thought maybe the woods were a bit much but she still complimented it and gave it a solid score. She didn't think it was bottle worthy but couldn't say anything really negative either. To her this fell right into the "good" range along with so many others.

Next Fragrance Review: Dolce & Gabana Velvet Vetiver.



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