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The Quest For THE Vetiver Cologne Day 34

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Day #34: Fragrance - Lalique Encre Noire.
My Ratings: Scent - 10/10. Overall - 9/10.

*note: I have worn this fragrance previously before testing*

I still prefer the harsh inky Vetiver and loud notes of this over Sycomore but I have to be honest, after testing so many vetivers, I don't find this fragrance super versatile hence the reason I took a point off overall. This opens up with bitter inky Vetiver, this is the prominate note that takes over the fragrance for the first 30 minutes or so. As it dries down the inky note subsides and you are left with earthy Vetiver, a slight smokey note, and non spicy wood. There's something in this drydown that I absolutely love that is only found in Encre Noire/Sport.

Performance is outstanding with this fragrance. I got well over 12 hours with it and it was still going strong before I showered. As I stated before my biggest issue I have with Encre Noire is I feel it has a limited versatility. This is a very formal, evening out type of scent. Possibly in the dead of winter you can wear this during the day but we don't get that weather where I live often. I've tried this in the summer and it's just too cloying in the heat of the day.

Some might wonder how this compares to Encre Noire Sport since I rated it slightly higher. Encre Noire is stronger and has no citrus. The drydown that I love is more potent in Encre Noire and so I prefer it's scent once it hits that dry down. It has better longevity and projection. Encre Noire Sport is much more versatile and easier to wear. Which you prefer more will depend on your weather and if you find Encre Noire Sport too watered down. Some will like both quite a bit.

Encre Noire feels like a suit and tie fragrance. It's got a dark edge to it but I don't get any more of a gothic vibe than I do from Sycomore. As I described in my Sycomore review the difference between these two is Encre Noire is like hard rock with lots of distortion and harsh notes that scream and are loud and force you to listen, while Sycomore is a better blended less harsh more radio friendly version of rock. Which you prefer will depend on your reason for wearing them. I like the harsh notes because I wouldn't wear either one except on specific occasions and I prefer the drydown of Encre Noire. For the person interested in Encre Noire I'd suggest trying Encre Noire Sport first, it will be more versatile and easier to wear. If you like what you smell there then Encre Noire will be a darker, stronger version.

My Wife's Rating: Scent - 9/10.

Her reaction was very similar to Encre Noire Sport. She really likes this drydown a lot. She again stated that it's very hard to rank fragrances now that we are so deep and so she's apprehensive to give anything a 10/10 but she does like this a lot. Don't take this to mean that Encre Noire is a compliment getter. I find it's not really, but it just happens to be a scent my wife loves.

Next Fragrance Review: I'll wait a few days to see if the last samples arrive and if not, I'll give some final ratings.



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