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The Journey So Far vol. 8

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I posted last part of this series over six years ago. Then I was at a stage I couldnít afford to buy any new perfumes, so I made a virtue of necessity and concentrated on what I already got. This lasted for a couple of years and was very good for me (and for my collection): I found many old loves again and appreciated my collection in a new way.

But of course when I got employed again, the first thing I did to celebrate was buying new perfume.

I must admit itís thrilling to afford to order samples and get to know new scents and houses again after years of refusal. This yearís biggest find has been Parfumerie Generale: I have purchased six of their scents and there are still some on my wishlist. Papyrus de Ciane, Querelle and both versions of Corps et ¬mes have been on heavy rotation, and whatís best, they are all work-appropriate.

Still my wishlist has stayed shortish and I have perhaps become more picky than before: I donít buy anything I donít really, really want just because itís available for a good price.

I still do blind buying, though, and I must admit I love it! Amazingly, I have never made a bad blind buy: many of my biggest favourites were blind buys. Apparently I trust my instinct for a good reason.



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