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The Quest For THE Vetiver Cologne Finale

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The Quest For The Vetiver Finale!!!

*warning: this will be a long post*

After thinking about it for awhile, I decided the best way to handle this post is instead of creating a 1-10 list, I'd create categories and then list which Vetiver I feel best represents that category. With that said, let's get started!

Best Everyday/Work Vetiver:
Lalique Encre Noire Sport.

Soft enough due to the citrus opening to be wearable but with enough backbone to be interesting and have a great drydown. It beats out the other listed here because it's performance/longevity is just plain better and exactly what you want in an Everyday/Work Vetiver that you can wear year round. If you prefer a slightly fresher Vetiver for your work scent check out Grey Vetiver.
Honorable Mention: Grey Vetiver.

Best Classic Vetiver:
Givenchy Vetyver.

The classic gentlemen. I know it seems obvious to choose one of the "original" Vetiver colognes but that wasn't my idea with this category. I tested so many Vetivers that tried to do Citrus, Vetiver, and Spicy Wood that I wanted to test them all again and see which one I preferred head-to-head. I still found Givenchy to be the best out there because of how well blended it is. If you want one with better performance but that still smells classic check out Guerlain Vetiver which has climbed up my list since I reviewed it.
Honorable Mention: Guerlain Vetiver.

Best Formal Vetiver:
Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Vetiver

There's just something about this Vetiver which is great. The slight sweetness from the fig combined with the green note and Vetiver somehow really give off a Velvet feeling. The notes all come off as super natural, nothing sharp, nothing pungent or off putting, and it will be pleasant to anyone who smells it. You could go with something darker and stronger or more complex but I think it will come off almost like you're trying too hard. This smells rich without you needing to say a word.
Honorable Mention: Hermēs Vetiver Tonka. Creed Original Vetiver. Bel Ami Vetiver.

Best Pure Vetiver Fragrance:
Dior La Collection Privée Vetiver

When you're looking for pure Vetiver I don't think any other one does it as well as this Dior. The notes are simple, the composition is linear, and it's not the most interesting fragrance but if you're looking for nothing more than Vetiver I think this one gives you the truest representation without the bitterness that can be so off-putting.
Honorable Mention: Sycomore. Encre Noire.

Most Versatile Vetiver AKA If I Could Only Own One:
Creed Original Vetiver.

While not the best pure representation of Vetiver, Original Vetiver ticks all the right boxes to make this the most wearable Vetiver of all. You could literally use it in every single occasion I can think of except clubbing. It would fit in just as well lounging around the house as it would in a tux. At the work place or on a date. Spring, Summer, Fall easily (On the coldest days of winter it might not have enough backbone but we rarely get that weather here). If someone told me I could only use one fragrance for the rest of my life, I would choose Original Vetiver because I know it will just plain work wherever I wore it and smell great doing it.

Quick One-Shot Categories:

Best Complex Vetiver: Vetiver Ambrato.
Biggest Rise Since Review: Velvet Vetiver.
Biggest Fall Since Review: Vetiver Vert. (too much Bay leaf in opening).
Best Beach Vetiver: Sel de Vetiver.
Best First Impression: Bel Ami Vetiver.
Best "I Wish I Had More Occasions I Could Wear It" Vetiver: Encre Noire/Sycomore.
Best Sweet Vetiver: Vetiver Fatal.
Easiest Introduction to Vetiver (Green Leaf): Original Vetiver.
Easiest Introduction to Vetiver (Root): Grey Vetiver.

What I've learned from doing this is there are a ton of good vetivers out there. I couldn't imagine after testing all of these limiting myself to just one. Nor could I imagine trying to pick a "best" Vetiver because it simply depends on what you're trying to do. I've rewrote this paragraph so many times over the last couple of days and spent a dozen hours because of trying to figure out how to answer, "What is my favorite Vetiver?" I tried picking one, but during the course of retesting really liked others and couldn't make up my mind. I tried not giving any answer at all but I felt like that was a cop out. In the end what I've settled on is tiers. I'll have two tiers - Top Shelf and Outstanding. I have them "soft" organized but don't read too much into the order. On any given day I feel the order moves around.

Top Shelf:
Original Vetiver
Encre Noire Sport
Velvet Vetiver
Encre Noire

Grey Vetiver
Vetiver Fatal
Bel Ami Vetiver
Vetiver Tonka
Sel de Vetiver

I originally had a 3rd tier called "Great" then I realized I had a ton listed (10-15) in that range. I really felt I wanted a lean list of just the cream of the crop so I removed it. Please don't take offense if you don't see one of your favorites, I left off some really good ones, check the review and see how much I liked it. I actually had over 20 listed when I first typed the tiers, then I made cuts until I just couldn't bring myself to remove anymore. If I had any doubt at all, I left it off. Even if they won a category. Also keep in mind, not every top shelf fragrance beats out every outstanding fragrance for all occasions. I can see myself reaching for one on the outstanding list over a top shelf one just depending on the day/event.

Purchase List:

During the course of the contest I bought multiple bottles/splits. My current collection of vetivers sits at: Original Vetiver, Encre Noire, Encre Noire Sport, Infusion de Vetiver, Vetiver Babylone, Bel Ami Vetiver, Vetiver Fatal, Guerlain Homme L'eau Boisse, and Grey Vetiver.

On my future purchase list I have: Velvet Vetiver. I'm on the fence about other ones like Sel de Vetiver, and Givenchy Vetyver. In the future I might start splits with other Vetiver fragrance lovers to get some of my top ones.

Thank You to everyone that read, participated, and enjoyed this thread. This was a blast to do. Overwhelming at many points but so much fun. I'm not done testing vetivers as I come across them and I will continue to add my reviews to this thread and make changes to this post as needed, but I'm probably going to take a break for awhile.

I hope everyone enjoyed it.


  1. Bon et Copieux's Avatar
    Thank you Mythrol!

    I've only just discovered your thread [July, 2016] and swallowed all your posts in one reading. Very informative and enjoyable reading.

  2. ILikePeeps's Avatar
    Thanks for this, .

    Yeah, that beginning smell of Bel Ami Vetiver, mmmmm.

    Did you end up trying regular Bel Ami?

    If you haven't tried Encre Noire à l'Extrême, then I recommend checking it out.


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