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This was a scent I would (most likely) never have chosen on my own. Too rare. Too obscure. Even I would probably not have run across It left to my own devices. Still, a classic vintage from a classic house...a dainty light green chypre with citrus, iris and mimosa, over a simple yet classic ambery base. Sheer at first, but with some backbone. A fine upstanding *young lady's* scent ...The air of a morning stroll along Madison Ave, in Mid march 1965, wearing a matching ivory skirt suit and gloves. Just the right thing for our mums to wear to lunch or maybe the office. There is an urban legend that Edie Sedgewick wore it.
Before I even took my first whiff, he simply insisted I should wear Jean Patou Caline, declaring it very me, and then mapping out exactly when and how I should wear it. "You should wear 1000 in fall and winter and Caline in spring and summer. And no other perfumes. These will be your signatures. You are so suited to Caline. You need it."
I raised an eyebrow.
Thank you very much Henry Higgins.
Still I was keen to smell it.
And moreover I sincerely trusted his judgement and wanted to please him. Surely if he chose it, the fragrance by definition had caché, nonchalance, chicness, in short, a complete pedigree. The triangle was as follows. He adores it, I adore him, ergo, I adore it. N'est-ce pas?

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