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the vintage dream perfume arrived....

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I posted awhile back with a question - if you spotted your vintage dream perfume for $95 at an antique store - couldn't sniff if, don't know the concentration, just had to go by the outside package - would you purchase?

The overwhelming majority of people said "absolutely yes".

Yesterday evening, returning home after running errands, I received the package. Placed in a styrofoam peanuts filled box, I find a bubble wrapped square. The bubble wrap comes off and there is the fragrance box: pale blue silk with ivory/cream "JP" initials evenly scattered in white embroidery covering the sides and top. There is a dark navy blue ribbon, perhaps 3/4 inch wide, encircling the lower third of the box. The ribbon has been neatly cut at the sides of the box and the cut looks recent, as there is very little fraying from the ribbon. The outside of the box is clearly vintage - when have you last purchased a scent with a silk, embroidered covered box?!...and there is one small scuff mark at the upper right, about 1 cm x 0.5 cm in dimension.

I turn the box over and there is a rectangular white sticker with navy print centered on the navy blue ribbon that says: "PARFUM", the name of the fragrance, "JEAN PATOU", the number "2107" on the left, and "PARIS" on the right, with "Made in France" on the bottom. Printed onto the box is "Box Made in France" below the white sticker.

I open the box and the embroidered light blue silk and ivory fabric lines the entire inside top and bottom of the box. Nestled into the bottom of the box is a space, outlined with what feels like soft white muslin or cotton, for the perfume bottle. I take the perfume bottle out of its space and inspect the top - it has a goldtone screw top lid with no wear whatsoever. The fluid is light gold. The bottle is smooth and somewhat flat, like a smooth river stone. Although I wouldn't consider the bottle beautiful or eyecatching, it has a solid simplicity about it that is lovely and it matches the elegance of the packaging.

On the bottom of the bottle it says "Bottle Made in France" and "Jean Patou". On the front of the bottle, at the bottom, is "JEAN PATOU, Paris"...and in simple, beautiful script on the front center, the name of my vintage dream perfume...


Thanks to you all and your encouragement, I think I have a one ounce bottle of Caline parfum.



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