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Wearing women's fragrances?

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It depends on whether you are wearing perfume for

1) your own pleasure or
2) to convey who you are and what state of mind you are in, either to yourself and/or to others.

In the first case, the masculine/feminine descriptor has no purpose, "wear what you like". In the second case, the feminine/masculine distinction can often be a useful descriptor if it has been carefully considered by the fragrance house. But note breakdowns and ultimately your nose will determine what is appropriate for you on any given day.

To completely dismiss the masculine/feminine distinction is the same as reducing fragrance from an art form to a commodity. Great fragrance conveys a picture just like a painting does. Sometimes that picture is a unisex landscape, other times that picture will be a senior navy officer or a rebel biker. In each case, the notes themselves do not dictate how the picture looks, but rather, how we interpret them through our cultural lense.

Cheap perfumes from houses like Calvin Klein these days often come across as unisex because they fail to adopt the masculine/feminine distinction and simply bottle a nice smell and market it to a particular sex. Both men and women are often offered bubblegum concoctions in the cheaper end of the market. That is where the masculine/feminine distinction gets bastardised, and we should all be smart enough to realise that these fragrances can be worn mindlessly by either sex when fragrance is not appreciated for its storytelling powers.

I personally don't like to wear heavy white florals, galbanum, Ylang Ylang, or aldehydes. They don't give the right message to myself and to others about who I am as a person, and I feel out of my skin if I do wear them. On the other hand I love, LOVE, to smell these in strength on confident women.

Now look at Parfum de Marly's Herod, which is a high-quality fragrance. Marketed as a manly tobacco fragrance, it is actually a milky cherry concoction that is very similar to Lady Vengeance's Mmm... So in cases like this, the masculine/feminine distinction of the manufacturer has completely failed the user and they must decide if Herod meets their needs on any given day.


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    Have to tried "Eye of Love" to buy quality perfume?


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