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The Quest for THE Sandalwood Fragrance - Finale

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The Quest For The Sandalwood Fragrance - Finale!!!

*warning: this will be a long post*

How this will work is I have created categories and then listed the Sandalwood Fragrances that I think best represent that cateogry. As you read these categories just add the word "My" to the front of them to help keep in mind these are just my opinions after testing all these fragrances. At the end I will also create two rankings where I put my absolute favorite fragrances in them.

And for the surprise I talked about:

Sick and Tired of having to Read??? Click Here for the Audio Version of this post!!! (With extras like me mispronouncing fragrances)

Best Cold Weather Sandalwood:
Diptyque - Tam Dao EDP

Cedar and Sandalwood smoothed out with cumin. This is great for colder weather due to the projection you get off of the skin for the first hour or two. I has enough spicy cedar to be interesting to wear but as it dries down it smooths out very nicely and last a very long time. If you're looking for something with slightly less cedar but smells really similar try Wonderwood. If you're looking for something super powerful with a strong spicy pepper note try Serge Lutens Santal de Mysore.
Honorable Mention: Serge Lutens - Santal de Mysore

Best Warm Weather Sandalwood:
Creed - Santal Imperial

Yes this is hard to find, yes this is expensive but I just can't think of a better warm weather sandalwood. It has a great citrus note in the opening that makes it feel almost refreshing. No one that you're around is going to mind the smell of this. It's perfect for a work enviroment while being really interesting to wear due to the Ambergris note. Anytime of day or note you can spray this on and it will fit the occasion. The only issue is due to just how hard it is to get I'd be very apprehensive of using it as a daily driver and probably just save for special occasions. The only other one that I think fits really well in warm weather is PK Perfumes' draft fragrance - nothing else comes close to these two - here's to hoping the final release is just as good as the first draft.
Honorable Mention: PK Perfumes - Maharajah Sandal Supreme (first draft)

Best for the Classic Gentleman:
MPG - Santal Noble

While not exactly my tastes, there's no denying that Santal Noble just has a nice Gentlemanly vibe to it. Santal Noble does something different and has a really interesting coffee note mixed with vanilla, incense, and sandalwood. There's a quality and craftsmanship here that few fragrances can match. If you're looking for something that still has that slight 80's vibe but is a powerhouse check out Bois du Portugal.
Honorable Mention: Creed - Bois du Portugal.

Best Formal Sandalwood:
Xerjoff - Richwood

If I were grabbing a fragrance that I wanted to wear and impress someone with this is exactly what I'd reach for. While the sandalwood in it at times plays second to the rose and patchouli there's just something about this fragrance that is beautiful and captivating. For a formal setting it's extremely high quality and super long lasting. If you want something more sandalwood focused but still very formal Serge Lutens Santal de Mysore is as good as it gets.
Honorable Mention: Serge Lutens - Santal de Mysore.

Best Pure Sandalwood Fragrance:
Fragonard - Santal

Some people might feel this is a weird selection but after going over all of my reviews and resmelling a ton of fragrances I ended up selecting Fragonard Santal. I could have chosen a lot of different fragrances that have a very good sandalwood note but most of them also paired that note with something else that distracted and pulled attention away from the sandalwood. Fragonard especially after the first few minutes is just a super smooth pure Sandalwood note with very little if anything else going on. It's not the best sandalwood, but if you're looking for a true representation of Sandalwood in a fragrance - look no further.
Honorable Mention: By Kilian - Sacred Wood

Quick One-Shot Categories:

Best For My Wife to Wear: Orlov Paris - Star of the Season
Best First Impression: Diptyque - Tam Dao EDP
Best Complex Sandalwood: Geo F Trumper - Sandalwood
Best Sandalwood at Evoking an Image: April Aromatics - Precious Woods (Woodworker's Workshop)
Best "I Wish It Was In Production" Sandalwood: PK Perfumers - Maharajah Sandal Supreme
Why Do They Call This Sandalwood? TAOS - Sandalwood & Cypress
Easiest Introduction to Sandalwood: Fragonard - Santal
Best "I Wish It Performed Better" Sandalwood: Pal Zileri - Sartorial

This list was so hard for me to come up with, there were so many fragrances I really liked, but I wanted to present my absolute favorites and that means hard cuts were made. I have two categories, Top Shelf and Outstanding. Top Shelf is my favorite without a doubt top, cream of the crop fragrances. Outstanding is the list of ones that blew we away and are still wonderful. I've ordered them as best I could but just consider it a "soft" ranking since on any day these could slightly shift.

Top Shelf:
Diptyque - Tam Dao EDP
Serge Lutens - Santal de Mysore
Comme des Garcons - Wonderwood
Creed - Santal Imperial

Fragonard - Santal
Xerjoff - Richwood
PK Perfumes - Maharajah Sandal Supreme (first draft)
Pal Zileri - Sartorial

What an awesome experience this was! I enjoyed it so much and I had even more fun than when I did my Vetiver Quest. I love Sandalwood even more now than when I started. Thank You to everyone that has read, participated, and enjoyed this thread. I'm now more certain than ever that I will do another one of these Quests in the future. I don't know what note or when, and I plan on taking a break for a good long while but I know deep down these are just too much fun not to do it again.

So, I guess instead of goodbye I'll say: I can't wait to do this again with you guys.


  1. c'est_ck's Avatar
    I was so absorbed by your fantastic Sandalwood quest, Mythrol, you inspired me to join basenotes & I'm keen to try a number of the scents reviewed based on your feedback. Congratulations on your epic adventure & thank you for sharing your brilliantly detailed, highly entertaining reviews.

    I'm wild about Sandalwood colognes & have been obsessed with discovering "the" perfect fragrance ever since falling head over heels for the vintage Caswell-Massey Tricorn (worn by a British gentleman I knew) when I lived in the States in the 90's. Been savagely frustrated since it was discontinued in 2012 & unable to find any other scent that comes close to the warm, richly layered, velvety embrace of vintage Tricorn.

    I'm guessing you have not tried vintage Tricorn & you would not have been able to include it in your sandalwood quest as it was unavailable at the time.

    I have not tried the Heritage Tricorn as the majority of reviews I read that were written by others familiar with the vintage Tricorn were damning. I understand & respect that, if you have not experienced the original, the Heritage may be quite nice. But Caswell-Massey does not ship to Australia. So, taking into consideration the exchange rate, purchasing a bottle, even the smaller sized 15ml, combined with the freight shipping middle-man fees, Aussie GST - it hasn't been an investment I'm willing to make only to be as disappointed.

    I've just read Redneck Perfumisto's post here:

    which gives an excellent outline of the range & his impressions of Heritage. I smelled the Cole Porter version on a friend & I was not at all keen.

    However, I've *just* discovered on the Caswell-Massey website that there is yet another release called the Gold Cap Tricorn.

    In addition, there is also the Gold Cap Sandalwood Cologne which has received some excellent reviews as a unisex fragrance.

    As someone I would consider very knowledgeable about your fragrances, particularly sandalwood (& vetiver) I'm extremely interested in your opinion on either or both of these, if you have the time, please.
  2. misreen's Avatar
    thank you
  3. Ritch's Avatar
    That was hella fun reading through - love to see another if you ever get around to it. But what to choose...

    Best skanky real oud?! That's gonna be a fun one - especially for the wife lol!

    Cheers for sharing your journey!
  4. piney's Avatar
    An incredible journey this must have been Mythrol, thanks so much for your descriptive analysis of these amazing sandalwood gems and for letting us come along on this journey with you. Hope to see you do more of these in the future. Thanks again,



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